Sunday, May 23, 2021

Route 66 Museum

You can't visit Kingman (which is located right in the center of the longest continuous remaining stretch of Route 66) and not take in some of the Route 66 sights. 



One of those is the Route 66 Museum.  We arrived shortly before they were closing so our time there was limited. It would make for a great return trip.

It is located at exactly 3,333 feet above sea level and is located inside the Powerhouse Building. The building was built in 1907 and powered Kingman and local mines until Hoover Dam was built.

 Jim calling the past.


The museum shows that the future Route 66 was used by Indians, provided an easy route for white surveyors, and settlers along with a railroad line, an escape route for Great Depression refugees, and then the tourists and roadtrippers along Route 66.


Route 66


The museum also has an electric vehicle museum inside. 



The world's first electric hot rod 1929 Ford Roadster

A high performance electric drag bike, the “Kawashocki”. 

After our visit to the museum, we headed to Mr. D"s Diner for a root beer float made with real homemade root beer. Fabulous treat.


Happy memories of America's highway.


  1. We loved that museum. Did you notice the air conditioner on the Studebaker?

  2. I was a fan of the tv series Route 66.

  3. Loved that 1929 electric car! (Everything new is old.) My favorite Route 66 museum had a "drive in" theater where the seats were car interiors. :)

  4. The old cars are just great! I think in one of my many cross country travels over the years, I once tried to take Rt. 66 the entire way. It's not easy because some of it is now incorporated into the interstates, but some of it was still very rural.

  5. Love old cars, looks like fun, did you "Get your kicks?"

  6. These old towns are so much fun and have so much history. I have a picture of Mr.D's hanging on my wall with other photos taken along route 66.

  7. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Our only trip on route 66 was from Seligman to Peach Springs.

  8. Wow... so much history all packed in one place. Love that last pic of the road runner. Reminds me of my comic book days.

  9. Did someone from the past answer Jim's phone call? :cD


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