Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dinner with Aunt Happy

AJ, AZ  High 89  Low 67

The senior living complex where Aunt Happy lives throws a yearly  dinner for the residents and their families. The theme was a Chuckwagon BBQ with hot dogs, chicken, and ribs plus sides.

Aunt Happy made sure we were dressed properly.




There were over 300 people attending the dinner and Jim and I stood in line for quite awhile to get our food. Jim handled two plates because we left Aunt Happy at the table. Nobody went hungry with all the food available. Jim tracked down the ice cream for dessert.

We also had entertainment while we ate. A cowboy singer and his horse, Dusty. That’s right, the horse was in the dining room with us and everyone from the youngest to the oldest loved him.


They have been entertaining around the valley for 15 years and Dusty was not bothered by anything. The wheelchairs, the walkers, the noise, the kids – nothing made him nervous at all.


They also had a horse and carriage out front for anyone who wanted to take a ride around the buildings. Forgot to get a picture of him. Not sure many of the residents took a ride, but I’m sure the little ones had fun.

After eating, Happy was ready to go back to her apartment. We took her home and she informed us she was ready to get into her pajamas which meant it was time for us to leave. I’m glad we were here to share this time with her.



  1. It's hard to believe she's still going so strong at her age. I wish we could age as well as her.

  2. Y'all look so dang cute. It sounds like it would be a blast. I love the horse and carriage idea. We are glad you were to make more memories with Aunt Happy.

  3. Love the hats! Aunt Happy is looking good and it sounds like folks had a good time. I have to say that is the very first cowboy/singer horse act, indoors. Dusty is one cool takes a special horse to handle all that.

  4. I think that was awesome. The horse was allowed inside and the singer and his horse made a lot of folks smile and be happy....awesome. Glad you were able to share with Aunt Happy.

  5. How great to have something like this looks like I see lots of smiling faces. Aunt Happy knows how to let every one know its time to go. =)Bless her heart

  6. Aunt Happy has lots of reasons to be happy. She's in great shape for a person her age and has a lot going on ... including friends with you two.

  7. Wow. What an adventure. I think I would have been nervous with the horse in the dining room as we have mounted police officers in our downtown area and the horses do leave droppings. However it was a great theme idea and it sounds like it came off perfectly. Glad you were able to share it with Aunt happy. I just love that name it makes me happy every time I say it.

  8. Now that was really cool, a horse inside. A real different kind of musical experience. Did the horse keep time by tapping its hooves? ;c)

  9. Wonderful to hear that Aunt Happy is doing well. What a woman! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Martha was the one who gave me the little book 13 years ago this month. Can't wait to see you.

  10. Wow... talk about proper attire.
    The kids are happy to be in the saddle.


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