Saturday, March 10, 2018

London Bridge

Lake Havasu, AZ  High 73  Low 48 (windy)

Last week-end we traveled to Lake Havasu State Park to enjoy some great Bluegrass music. Three rigs from our park went up on Wednesday and saved a couple of spots. Mickey and Ginny and Jim and I went up on Thursday.

First a little history.

Lake Havasu is home to the London Bridge. The original Bridge in London was rebuilt several times. In 1962, it was discovered that the London Bridge was "falling down," sinking into the Thames River because it was not adequate for the increase in traffic and the heavier vehicles. In 1967, the Common Council of the City of London began to look for potential buyers for the London Bridge. Lake Havasu City founder and entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch placed the winning bid of $2,460,000 on April 18, 1968.

The London Bridge Lake Havasu City, present day

20180301_174209Each block was meticulously numbered before the bridge was disassembled. Each piece was marked with four numbers: the first indicated which arch span; the second, noted which row of stones; and the last two indicated which position in that row. The blocks were then shipped from London through the Panama Canal to California and trucked from Long Beach to Arizona. On September 23, 1968, the Lord Mayor of London laid the corner stone.


A one-mile channel was dredged and water was diverted from the lake, under the Bridge, then back into the lake. The bridge was dedicated on October 10, 1971. 

My friend Cindy and I visited the London Bridge back in 1968 when it was under construction. This is the first time since then that I have been back to see it. I sure wish I still had those pictures we took but they are long gone.

Back to the present.

After we got parked and set up, it was dinner time. Ginny had been telling us about this fabulous fish and chips that they had down by the London Bridge. Off to Burgers by the Bridge.


This place is known for their burgers but the four of us had their fish and chips. It was sooo good. And the portions were huge. Definitely a place we’d go back to.


After dinner exhaustion set in and we went back to the Bungalow and collapsed. The music starts tomorrow.


  1. It's been awhile since we've had fish 'n' chips; wish we could have joined you. I like bluegrass music, too.

  2. Love it there is Havasu and around the London Bridge, will have to try their fish n chips next time there, thanks for the tip.

  3. A burger place with good fish is rare. I would have the fish too. Yummy. Hope y'all had a great time.

  4. I read that the bridge relocation cost $9+ million - wonder if the guy got his money back.

  5. Love the area around the bridge. If we had known you were there we could have said hello yesterday.

    Be Safe and Enjoy the Music.

    It's about time.

  6. We were there Mar/Apr 1972. I remember because I was pregnant. The bridge was there but not much else. We bought souvenir pieces of bridge to take back. It sure has changed in Lake Havasu.

  7. We usually stay at Buckskin Mountain State Park between Parker & Havasu when we are in the area. It's one of our favorite SP's and getting more difficult to get a site there.

    Hope you guys enjoy the friends and music. Have fun.

  8. My English grandfather walked across that bridge many times, in London, of course! :C)

  9. Wow. Neat story. I didn't realize that about the bridge

  10. That must have been some job, especially taking the bridge down without breaking the stones.

  11. Thanks for sharing the back story. As an engineering nerd I love that sort of history. Oh, nothing better than a good fish and chips, sounds like a fun time had by all.

  12. I went there back in the 90's I fell in love with the little walking area, always wanted to go back and spend more time. Have a great visit and enjoy the music

  13. Wish you had the photos. Added the fish and chips to our foodie list.

  14. We have had those fish & chips! As good as any back home!


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