Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Keeping Jim Busy

AJ, AZ – High 95  Low 71 (a cold front is coming through this week-end and the high will be 79 – but back up in the 90’s by next week)

I’ve been keeping Jim busy with all kinds of jobs while we wait for his cataract surgery.

We are going to have a carport put up to park the boat under while we’re gone for the summer. We also bought a boot for the boat trailer to hopefully discourage thieves.


In order to install the carport, Jim had to move our storage shed over two feet. That meant moving everything out of it.


Some of the guys came over to help him move the shed. Sure do appreciate all the help we get when things need to be done.


This was the perfect time for Jim to organize the shed and he found a few items that he wanted to sell. We listed those items on Craigslist and have sold everything but the cargo carrier.

We’ve had a couple of check engine lights on the truck. That means that Jim has spent a lot of time under the truck replacing a glow plug and a tire speed sensor. As you all know, these projects always take longer than you think they will.

He built a box to cover our soft water tank.


He’s also fixed some earrings for Aunt Happy and we’ve been to visit her a couple of times.

Our park is starting to get really empty. I don’t envy those people who are already heading north with all the winter weather still hanging around up there. We’ve had dinner parties to say goodbye to friends and our final campfire and hot dog roast.

Skittlez cracks us up. She inhales her dinner and then she stands behind Rocky like a vulture waiting for him to eat so she can lick his plate clean.


She’s also very good at relaxing.


I still have a really long list of things for Jim to get done before we leave. My job is to supervise and entertain the dogs.


  1. I wish I had half the talents that Jim has. Changing stuff from under a car with cataracts...damn!

  2. It's great that Jim can work on the truck and avoid the high $$$$ charges at a dealer or repair shop.

    When are you heading for the cooler temps up north? It's in the mid 90s here in Tucson and hopefully we will have a cooling off before we head to Camp Verde the 1st of May.

    Have fun out there.

  3. Jim sounds like my MacGyver!!! We are spoiled ladies!! Good luck to Jim with his surgery!

  4. My that was brave if y'all to take on the shed project. The boot sounds like a good idea. I'll be interested to hear the results.

  5. That is great to keep Jim busy and get those projects taken care of. Enjoy some more supervising but don'y work him too hard.

  6. Well, can see lot of work going on. Jim must be happy...

  7. That is a lot of work! I just had my cataract surgery on Monday. Now getting use to all the post surgery eye drops. Certainly one of the easiest surgeries I have had:)

  8. We still have lots of winter people here no one wants to get back to the cold weather yet.
    You have the right idea supervise and play with the pups

  9. It certainly looks like Jim's been busy. Sorting and putting everything back has also got to be a job. Have a safe summer and enjoy the cooler weather when you do get north.

  10. I wondered what your job was in all of this! Laughed when you came clean in the end!

    Laughed, too, at Skit and Rocky. Lizzie used to do the same to Jack. Glad all is well.

  11. You must not be entertaining the dogs very much is Skittlez has all that time to lay around! :cD

  12. I think the doxies do very well at entertaining everyone.

    Be careful, you don't want to wear Jim out :)

  13. Somebody has to supervise....and of course play with the fur babies.


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