Monday, March 12, 2018

Bluegrass on the Beach

Lake Havasu, AZ   High  81  Low 54

Jim climbed on top of the Bungalow to get me a couple of pictures of all the rigs attending the festival. The parking lot slopes slightly down to the river so you can’t see most of the rigs. We are parked at the top of the lot.



I don’t know how many rigs or people showed up but there were a whole bunch of them.



This is our group.

Back row: Ginny (with the visor), Mickey, Dave and Linda.

Front row: Charlie, Vi, Nellie (Larry is missing), Jim’s empty chair and me in the brown hat.


We took our chairs down on Thursday and just left them until Sunday. That’s when we realized that I had not been thinking clearly. We only brought two chairs with us and we needed four. Two down at the stage area and two up at our campsite. Jim made a quick trip to Harbor Freight and we were the proud owners of two new chairs.

There were lots of vendors selling food and crafts. Jim couldn’t pass up the ice cream vendor as we walked down to check out the beach.



Lake Havasu State Park is a beautiful place and would be a fun place to camp for a week.

We had three days of fantastic bluegrass music. Out of all the bands that performed, I had two that became my favorites. One was the Jerry Butler Band. They performed a Gospel song called “Beyond the Rain” that really touched my soul. You can check it out on You Tube. Beyond the Rain

Mickey and Ginny


The other group was Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa. Wayne and another band member performed with the Navy Band Country Current for something like 20+ years. Jim and I went to a Country Current Concert in Billings before we retired. Wayne has an incredible voice.

We had beautiful sunshine all three days but the wind was blowing really good the whole time. One of the performers hat blew off several times while on stage and they had trouble keeping the instruments in tune.

20180303_183740In the evenings we had pot lucks. We had tacos, spaghetti, incredible desserts, and everything in between. But with the wind blowing, as soon as the sun went down it got cold in the desert. Here’s proof. Thank you Ginny for the warm blanket. It was greatly appreciate.

We headed home on Monday and are making plans for next years show.


  1. Is it possible to listen to Bluegrass and not smile?

  2. Bluegrass, yes! Crowds. not so much. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend three days. It does look like they had a huge crowd.
    You crack me up with that blanket. I would be doing the same thing!

  4. What fun! I love LHC State Park. We have stayed there a number of times but you really have to book ahead to get in.

  5. Acoustic bluegrass music has always been my favorite! All my old favorites are gone now, so I don't listen to much of it these days.

  6. Wow! That place sure was packed!! It's lucky you could find anyone in that crowd.

  7. I guess the musicians played music by memory cause the wind would have blown their music away. I'm jealous of that talent. ;c)

  8. Nic blue Arizona sky. Lake Havasu is a great place for sure.

  9. Craig was scheduled to have his eyes done in March and April, but then it turned out the doc h picked didn't do the kind of lenses he wants and we had to go to a different one. Now he has a preliminary appointment for April, but the surgery won't happen until next fall. Do we need more eye surgeons?


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