Saturday, September 30, 2017

Seeing the Sights While The Sun is Shining

Heber, UT   High 62  Low  47

We have had a chance to have lunch twice with our good friends, Carol and Doug. We keep meeting up with them all over the West. They are in Heber for a month before moving further south.

20170921_112649_thumb5_thumbSkittlez has become a sightseeing dog in her old age. Scooter was always the one who wanted to hang her head out the window and Skitz didn’t like the wind in her face. Now she wants her window down all the time. Rocky Joe lays down in his bed as soon as he gets in the truck and doesn’t move until the truck stops.

We headed out to Midway, UT to the Heber Valley Artesian Cheese Store. Jim likes cheese and found one he wanted to try. He also knows that he doesn’t have to share with me.


However, for me (and Jim) we got a jar of Apple-Cinnamon-Rhubarb jam. They had some out for tasting and it was really good.


They also have their own ice cream. We shared a cone of their orange sherbet and it was delicious. I’d go back for another one of those if we had more time.

The pups were really thirsty and we had forgotten to bring a bottle of water with us, so we headed into downtown Midway and found this neat little place.


They gave Jim a glass of water for free and we were good to go.

Passed this beautiful barn and had to stop and read about its history.

The Tate Barn


In 1902, Francis Tate, an English emigrant, established a dairy farm on this site. The barn was constructed of local red pine. The barn was crushed by heavy snow in 1996 and reconstruction was completed in January of 2002 in time to be the entrance to the site of the Winter Olympics venue at Soldier Hollow.

We made one more stop but it’ll be a separate post because it has lots of great pictures.


  1. Interesting that Skittles would change her mind about window watching.

  2. For fun times and an aged white cheddar is one we both love , the older the better, We take about 8 lbs of 3 year old with us when we head south.

  3. hahaha....Skittlez looks so dang cute.
    I'll take an ice cream cone any time.

  4. Sounds like another great day checking out the new adventure. Buck is a great rider. Duchess wasn't so much.

  5. In my best Homer Simpson voice....MMmmm...cheese.

    Mary and I purchased a small fold up water bowl for Ziva. Now if we could remember to pack it when we road trip or fly. Do you pups like ice cream? Ziva LOVES soft serve vanilla, I get stuck holding the cup for her.

  6. We can never resist buying jam across the country; gooseberry in Missouri, huckleberry in Oregon, thimbleberry in Michigan, peach in Fredericksburg TX since it is the peach capital of Texas.


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