Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rain, Glorious Rain and Snow

Billings, MT  High 51  Low 42

It started raining on Friday and didn’t take a break until late Sunday. Everybody was doing a happy happy rain dance. No lightning with this rain, just a continuous soaking rain. There is snow in the mountains. That means that the firefighters may be able to get ahead of all the forest fires happening in Montana. The fires aren’t out yet and it may be another month of wet and colder weather to finally end this fire season. But the smoke is gone and we can all breathe again.

RJ and Skitz are both ready for the rain.



Skitz is not impressed and keeps stepping on the front of it.



My 50th Class Reunion started on Friday with everybody getting together at the Residence Inn for snacks and drinks. It was so much fun to see everybody and catch up on their lives. We had around 36 classmates along with their spouses and friends.

Lynn and Nina were two of the great committee members. Nina made this frame which turned out to be a major hit with everybody. We have our own FB group and there must be 50 pictures or more with folks posing with the frame.


Renee is another committee member and Wanda showed up to see if she could help us out.


Then the crowds started to arrive.

Sandee, Wanda and Mark were all born within 24 hours of each other.

Class Reunion

Sandee, Me, Wanda (behind me), Lynn and Linda.

class reunion2

There are so many pictures but I’m not posting any more. I can go look at the pictures on FB and enjoy them that way.

Jim and I can’t keep up with lots of the classmates so we went home and fell into bed. Have plans with some of the classmates for tomorrow.


  1. The frame was definitely a winner. Such fun.

  2. Glad you are having such a good time. I still can't believe how grey Skittlez is. Must be because I see the picture of her on your blog header without the grey.

  3. Never saw a raincoat for a dog...could you get them to hold an umbrella?

  4. What fun! Well, maybe not Skitz's raincoat so much. :)

  5. Love the rain gear for the kids. So happy to read about the rain and snow. Hope it keeps up so they can get these fires out and get the mop up done. looks like a fun class reunion

  6. What fun. I always enjoy my reunions although I admit they make me anxious leading up to them.

  7. Love the raincoats on the kiddos. Looks like you had an absolutely great time at the reunion.

  8. Those kids look so dang cute.
    The picture frame is a great idea. Glad y'all had a wonderful time.

  9. Cute raincoats. Glad you guys got some much needed rain


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