Friday, February 7, 2014

Back in AJ

Apache Junction, AZ  High 68  Low  42

We’ve been back in AJ for a week now and for three of those days I had a major migraine. Another couple of days Jim had tests done. We’ll find out the results on Monday.

We went to see Aunt Happy and my sister and visited with lots of folks in the park.

When the girls play, Skittlez always stands up on Scooter’s back.


Got a call on Wednesday from Aunt Happy’s doctor. They need to replace the battery in her pacemaker so we took her to the hospital today. She will spend the night and have the procedure done in the morning. Hopefully she’ll be able to go home shortly after that.

A selfie


She doesn’t like to wear her hearing aids anymore and she cannot hear my voice. But she can understand Jim pretty good so he has to do most of the talking now. She also had a lot of trouble getting into and out of the pickup today which shows a decline from a few months ago. We are going to call a cab to take her home tomorrow and Jim will follow us in the truck.


Jim got his Tonto forest pass today and will get his fishing license shortly. The weather is going to be beautiful next week so guess where he is going to be.

The pictures of the girls are the only pictures I’ve taken this week.

And this is what my lap looks like most of the time.




  1. Looks like Jim's getting ready to get that boat in the water and those fishing poles are going with him. You'll have lots of time to pet the pups and keep them busy. Aunt Happy sure has had a long healthy life. Hopefully, she'll perk right back up again.

  2. Hope that awful migraine is gone !!

  3. Great photos of the dogs, and I love the one of you! Good thoughts going out to Aunt Happy, I hope everything goes well for her. Bummer about the migraine. Hopefully it's gone now. :)

  4. Well? that's a mighty fine lap load y'got there... hahaa soooo cute... and sending good wishes to Aunt Happy... and I understand about the hearing .. I hear low voices fairly well... bless her little ol bones!

    hiss on your migraine... I have never had one but have worked with and had friends that were totally incapacitated by them... terrible ...

  5. Cute pics of your pups! Good luck to your Aunt Happy. My Dad's in a nursing home, and doesn't hear very well. But he still knows who am I!

  6. I am still surprised at how many dog pictures we take:)

  7. The pups sure seem to be enjoying themselves.

  8. Don't much enjoy the migraines either hope it clears up soon.

  9. Sandie I still can't believe how wonderful that new smile is. Keep on showing those pearly whites, they really look good.

  10. That's how Mike's lap looks most of the time too, Emmi doesn't like to sit in my lap, I'm up and down too much disturbing her highness!

  11. I love the doggie pictures! Can't ever have too many! We are all set for some fish tales...have fun Jim!
    And guess where we had lunch yesterday! Lin's... What a treat and only a short wait to be seated! Thanks Sandie!

  12. Wish I had a dog that was a lap sitter. I could use the added warmth this winter. ;)

  13. The girls look quite content with sitting on your lap - and love the selfie! I feel so sorry for anyone who has migraines. Have you tried Relpax (rx tablets)? They have been a life-saver for me even though I still have to sometimes self-inject with Imitrex. Anything to get rid of the migraine!

  14. Good grief, how did I get two posts behind? Oh, I know, we are on the road. Those two pooches are soooo spoiled.

    I is so disheartening to see someone's decline. Hard to accept. Hugs to you.

  15. Hope you are feeling better and even though you had a good time, I bet you are glad to be settled again and parked where it is clean!!

  16. Way behind reading blogs, migraines not fun, happy fishing.


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