Saturday, July 13, 2013

Internet Issues, Scooter, and Hailey

Helena, MT  High 87  Low 53

I am having major internet connection issues. My WIFI keeps going into “limited” mode which means that I cannot use the internet. Went to the Verizon store and they put a new SIM card in for me but that didn’t help. I think it is our location.

If I do get on line it will only last for a few minutes so I don’t have much time to read blogs or comment.

We lost Scooter this morning (but we finally found her). She loves to chase rabbits and chipmunks and lizards and mice and all kinds of critters but squirrels just put her over the top. She spotted one this morning out my window and went berserk. Jim got dressed and let her out. By this time the squirrel was long gone.

The minute Jim opened the door, Scooter took off and never looked back. She’s never done that before. Jim hollered for me to come help him. I was still in my nightgown but only took the time to put on my shoes.  We spent a half an hour calling and looking everywhere for her. Finally found her in one of the neighbor’s back yard.

I really was concerned because this road below us is a major highway and very busy. When she got in the house she drank a bunch of water and just flopped by the water dish and didn’t move.

Yesterday, when we were getting out of the truck, this sweetheart came bounding up to us with her tongue hanging almost to the ground. I am so glad she had her collar on with a name (Hailey) and a phone number.


We got her some water and she just plopped down with her paws on each side of the bowl and drank and rested and then drank some more. Called the number and her owner came to get her immediately. He’s a young guy who lives with two other guys on the other side of the highway and down a ways. He had left her with his roommate and he was on his way home to have a LONG discussion with this roommate about his dog. She was such a love but you could sure tell she was a guy’s dog. I sat and held her on one of our leashes but her eyes never left Jim. And when she heard her owner’s voice, she about went nuts. So glad we found her.

This is the only picture for this blog because I want to be able to get it posted before I lose my connection for the 50th time today.


  1. So glad you found Scooter and that nothing bad happened to her. Hailey looks like a beautiful dog. I am glad that she had a collar and tag with a phone number not like when we found Frankie at the campground and had no idea where he came found. Good thing there are people like us who care about these dogs and look after them until we locate the owners or find homes for them.


  2. Sometimes the tower of the location where you are parked will have computer issues..... Complain to Veizon and have them write up a repair order for your tower... Is your phone one of the ones that will act as a hot spot... If so see if it will stay connected... If not, its not your equipment but theirs.... Glad you found Scooter... We can't let Biscuit out without a lead because she will run like that every time.....

  3. I'll bet Scooter is in the dog house now, at least for awhile. I agree with Rod that it's probably a Verizon problem.

  4. Glad you found Scooter. Maybe a leash next time?

    I'm having internet problems in the house! Got a new DSL modem from the company yesterday so we are doing better at staying connected but I think I need to clean out my computer, too.

  5. Whew...that was scary! Our Dover did that once I know all about the emotions you were feeling!

    Don't you just hate the Internet/computer stuff?

  6. Whew, you said "this morning we lost Scooter". Had me worried.

  7. Oh my! When you said you "lost" Scooter I thought you meant you really lost her!! We had a similar situation with Duchess a couple years ago. Same thing but it was a cat. I would have said she didn't chase cats because she never had until then. We got in the car and drove around looking for. It was definitely a scary situation! Glad you found her and glad the family is back together.

  8. the 'dog days' of summer! glad everyone made it back home where they belong!!

  9. Internet issues really suck! I thought there was something wrong with my new netbook, but come to find out, it was bad insufficient internet. Yikes on Scooter!! Bad doggie, bad! Scares the bejebbers outta ya! Glad ya'll found her as soon as you did.
    Looks like Hailey is one lucky dog too. Wow, I hope his roommate pays more attention now. It could have been fatal for her. Thanks for caring so much!

  10. Sounds like a Verizon 'dead zone' problem.

    Sure glad you found Scooter. It's funny because our Rylie goes berserk over squirrels as well.

  11. Wow when I first saw the words... lost Scooter... my heart sank ... mercy...!

    Well glad the little rascal was found... they can scare the bejeebers outta ya..

    and oh, Halley... so glad you found her... very cool

  12. Same with Carl.. a guy's dog.. he tolerates me, but let Brian come home & he is such a good boy and listens to him, totally ignores me. Glad you found Scooter, that would have been a distressing time!!!

  13. Sandie,
    Don't ever say you lost Scooter! I read that line and ran to tell Bill. Didn't read any further. We thought she died. "misplaced" is a better word.

  14. Scooter is quite the hunter but glad she made it back safely.

    Great job in contacting the owner. I am sure he was thrilled to find his poor, scared little one.

  15. When I read you lost Scooter, I thought she had died. My heart stopped for a second. Glad she was only "lost," and that you found her. And also rescued Halley. What a cute dog, I'm glad she was safe and sound and watered by the time her owner came to get her. Glad this post has a happy ending on both counts. :)

  16. kind of like your kids when they do something dangerous, you dont know whether to spank them for scaring you to death or hug them to death because they are ok.
    some reasons, dos generally sniff out dog people just as Hailey did

  17. I've more than once had my heart in my throat trying to find my dog when he slipped away. One time after looking for our Golden, we had to give up after about five hours.

    Then he turned up later that night looking like a walking mud ball with eyes. Took a long, long time to get him clean. To this day we have no idea where he went or what he got into.

    We sure do miss him now that he's been gone for eight years now. :c(

  18. Today is Monday and the Park where I'm staying lost their Internet since Friday. Been going BONKERS !! Just got it back a few hours ago.

  19. Don't you ever do that again, say that you lost Scooter, glad you found her


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