Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

Helena, MT  High 86  Low 59

We had a quiet day. We decided that we needed a new CD player in the rig. The one we had bit the dust quite awhile ago. Jim said we needed one that would run off of 12v for those times when we are boondocking.


Found us a car stereo cd player and radio that fit the bill perfectly. Jim had to tweak it some to make it fit where we wanted and had to get it all hooked up. It’s wonderful to be able to listen to our old cd’s again.


Late afternoon we went next door to my sister’s house. Her son, (my nephew) Chris, and his family joined us. Don, my BIL, made his fantastic tacos and Randi (Chris’s wife) made the best salsa. We took over a fresh fruit salad and we had watermelon for dessert. Food was fantastic but the company even better.

Chris and Randi


Chris is one of those guys who can really tell a story. He had us in stitches listening to his escapades when he was younger (not sure my sister appreciated all of his stories though) and then he started telling us stories about taking his kids and his nephew hunting. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Courtney and Zach


They also brought along the newest addition to their family. Meet Bella. She is such a cutie.A ball of energy and then a complete collapse.


Zach had a bunch of fireworks he wanted to shoot off and Courtney just had to go out to the lake to meet up with her friends for a bonfire and fireworks. They took off and Jim and I headed home to try and calm down a freaked out dachshund.

Dogs can be so different. Scooter hates lightning and thunderstorms. They don’t bother Skittlez at all. But fireworks put Skittlez into a panic state and Scooter could care less about them. Not sure I understand the difference but the girls sure do know it.

Our neighbors really helped out the fireworks community because they started their show at 10:00 and didn’t end until 1:30 a.m. I really do hate those ones that do nothing but make a big white light and go boom. They had a lot of those. I am so glad the 4th is over with. But not near as glad as Skittlez.


  1. Bella is with Skittlez. She is thrilled that the neighbors ran out of money to buy more fireworks. I think she thought her permanent home was going to be under the bed.

  2. Poor Skittlez...I sure understand. Poppy was calmer this year since she is on sedatives at night. Rusty used to get really freaked out - shaking all over and just a mess.

    It's fun listening to family stories and getting a good laugh out of them. When our kids get together, the boys tell stories that would curl your hair - not sure how embellished they are but they sure are crowd pleasers.

  3. Duchess hates the fireworks too. We had to put her in Lee's house while the neighbors were lighting theirs off. It scares her. Actually, lots of things scare her.

  4. WOW - what a great idea. We have been looking everywhere for a CD player that would fit our little spot in the entertainment too. A car stereo, perfect! We will get one from the auto wreckers and save a bunch. And as you say it will play on 12 volt. Thank you thank you.

  5. That is really unusual that Scooter and Skittlez each have their own fear of something that is so similar. I guess it could be that Scooter senses the change in atmosphere they say animals can detect - like the animals that knew about the tsunami before it arrive or I've heard they can detect an earthquake.

    Ole' Mr. Laid Back doesn't lift his head for any of it. We had a lot of booming and banging around here, even last night. I think the heavy rain on the fourth kept the amateurs from setting them off, then.

    My kids were in rare form, yesterday, at our July birthday get together. The grandkids (all girls) spyed a white haired man working for the pizza place, and I had to threaten them with their lives. They thought it would be nice to set me up. ::rolling eyes:: At Christmas, they wanted to dye my hair. Then, they want me to tell funny stories…they are characters. Family is fun.

  6. I'm glad it's over too. I hate the noise and some people don't know when to quit.

  7. Poor Skittlez! There wasn't too much noise here at home, but my terrier-mix starts shaking and barking at the noise like she can stop it. I just scoop her up and hold her tight, talking to her and petting her until she calms down.

    Family get-togethers are so much fun. The food, the laughter, and the closeness are how memories are created. :-)

  8. Maybe we should change the name of the 4th of July to "Scare the living daylights out of dogs and little kids" day? ;c)

  9. Our dog hated the fireworks on our July 1st holiday as well. We thought we had lost my Dad's cat with all of the booming, but fortunately he came back the next morning. Boy would I have been in hot water with Betty, his partner as the last thing she said to me when we took her to the airport was to make sure I looked after her two most precious things, my dad and her cat!

  10. Sounds like you had a great day.

    Bella is really cute and she reminds me of the Bella at Hacienda Contreras RV Park in Mexico. Same tpye of dog, same colour and even the same name.

    We missed not seeing any fireworks this year for either Canada Day or 4th of July. Those ones with the white light and big boom are the type you hear in Mexico a lot and Whiskey hated them she would go into hiding.


  11. Do you put Skittlez into her Thunder Shirt for the fireworks? If so, does it help?

    Been years since my family gathered to tell stories. Lucky you.

  12. I'm just happy I usually spent the 4th on a refuge each year. No fireworks allowed!

  13. Isn't it scary what our kids tell us about when they were young? I found out my girls nearly burned down the house and I never knew. Have fun with your family.

  14. I'm always glad when the 4th is over. I wish they would just completely ban fireworks. They are so destructive and scare so many dogs. Katie isn't bothered at all, but lately the thunder storms here, which have been pretty severe at times, are making her take notice and sit close to me. She must be a little scared, poor thing. :)

  15. Our cats agree with Skittlez, Bridgefest fireworks had them all hiding

  16. Our big day here is July 1st (Canada Day) and like most dogs, Bennie is terrified of the noise. And there just is no comforting him. Poor little guy.


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