Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blast From The Past

Helena, MT  High 100  Low 63

I’m back. We used all of our data gigabytes so I haven’t been able to read blog posts for a few days. Hopefully I can catch up shortly.

My heart aches for those firefighters in Arizona who lost their lives and for their families and friends. I pray that the winds will die down and give the other firefighters a chance to get this fire under control with no more loss of life.

Hot shots

Dustin Deford is from Ekalaka, MT and moved to AZ in January to join this elite group of firefighters.

We are having above record temperatures here in Helena. We should reach 100 today. All those hot temps from the Southwest have moved north – way north into Canada. Hopefully by this week-end we should be back down into the 80’s. We are lucky because the nights cool down into the 60’s. Not like Phoenix where it just doesn’t cool off.

Jim has been fishing but not much catching yet. Too many boats out on the water this week but hopefully next week he’ll be able to get him some fish. Just like in Arizona, he sits for hours in his boat getting everything just perfect.


I’m still fighting with the computer. Slowly figuring out some of the issues but then I find more things that don’t make sense. I figure as long as I can read blogs, e-mail, and find my pictures, I’m good to go.


Saturday we went to a Blast from the Past car show. There were over 400 cars and trucks to drool over. Just a few pictures of some of my favorites.




There were row upon row of cars. We certainly got our walk in today.

Some folks definitely have a sense of humor.



Everybody loves old cars. All I could think about  when I saw him was the Statue of Liberty.


We stopped to talk to these folks with this beautiful Mastiff. Jim mentioned to him that when we had stopped in Livingston to get something to drink on our way to Helena, he had seen a dog like that in the back of a Mini Cooper. Same guy, same dog. Small world. Big dog.


Stay cool.


  1. keep yourself cool too! thanks for the heat wave up here in at least we know who to blame. :)

  2. I can't believe its so hot there. Hotter than here in Florida. At least it cool down at night.

    A boy and his boat. :)

  3. It's been pretty hot around here too. We had to move into town to get the breeze off the river. Love that breeze!

  4. Wonder what the fellow was thinking ... I'm gonna spike my hair for the Fourth? Big ol dog... seems those big dogs are nothing but big loveable ol luvs.

    Can't believe Montana is that hot. Little Rock is having 80º temperatures. I'm almost afraid to type it...

    I'm so old I remember some of those cars on the road! They have any Studebakers?

  5. Been hot up here too, for the last two days. A thunderstorm is going through right now so that might cool things off a bit.

    We had a bull mastiff in the park a couple of days ago and yep, they sure are a big dog. Glad I don't have to pick up after it!

  6. Nice photos of those cars! Bill's sister has "antique" cars that she shows in NM and surrounding areas... Bill would love to go with her to the shows... and to the one you went to. It's fun to see what folks to to restore and change.

  7. Tell Jim "Sorry no fish yet". I am sure his luck will change when the heat wave decreases.

  8. A lot of the pleasure of fishing is the planning:)

  9. That is a nice picture of Jim in his boat, a happy man enjoying his favorite hobby. :c)

    I had spiked hair like that once, but I got it when I was working on some electrical wiring and touched the hot wire... :cO

    I must be old, I remember a lot of those cars from my younger days...

  10. I'm complaining about 80s here. Hard to believe that Montana is hotter than Georgia, Sandie! At least you know it will pass…we're just beginning of hot and humid.

  11. Did you put that yellow bike picture in there for me? I would like to ride it for an hour or so, but after that, it would have to go home with its parents... LOL

    And Arizona is way to hot and too much fire for us to return any time soon...

  12. I like that those antique cars are older than I am. That's not always true. I was shocked when I saw your weather numbers at the top. Good to hear it's just temporary. The tragedy of losing those 19 brave young men is something we all feel.

  13. Loved the drive-in tray--talk about blast from the past. :)

  14. Love the old cars! Very cool. 100 is HOT! wow, hope that changes soon. It is so sad on the firefighters that lost lives. So young, so sad. Too many :-( Of course, one life lost is already too many...

    Hope you resolve your computer issues soon.

  15. Always enjoy cars that have character.

  16. Hope the heat breaks soon for you. I love car shows like that, thanks for all the photos.

  17. that's what I use my e-mail for too... don't 'get' windows 8. get to my desktop and I am happy... stay cool


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