Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fat Fergie

Helena, MT  High 88  Low 50

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and we were really looking forward to dinner up at Marysville, MT. One problem – when we got up there we discovered the restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

P1060118Judy had another place she really wanted to try so we went in the opposite direction to Winston, MT. Winston consists of a a bar and grill and a general store. Judy had heard that the hamburgers were great but when I looked at the menu I saw they had pork chop sandwiches.

Jim and Judy got hamburgers and Don and I got the pork chop sandwiches. Then we all shared. They were okay and rather expensive so we won’t be going back there.

The owner of the bar made all of the metal wall sculptures in the bar.


P1060119We will be going to the Marysville restaurant for my birthday and I am hoping we have better luck with the food. We did have a good time even if the food was just okay.

On the way home we stopped by my nephew’s (Chris and Randi) house to I could meet Fat Fergie. Remember Bella from the 4th of July? She has two sisters, Daisy and Fergie.

Bella – she wouldn’t stay still long enough to get a good picture.


Daisy – she is 13 and very, very shy. But she loves Zach.


Then there is Fat Fergie.


Bella decided that Fergie looked lonely in her pool.


The weather was perfect today but it’s warming up tomorrow.


  1. Fergie looked very lonely in the pool until Bella joined her.

  2. Love the bull dog sitting in the pool. Bev and I both cook and rarely eat out anymore as it's usually the same experience you had - mediocre food for high prices.

  3. Who are you calling FAT??? Fergie?? Ooops maybe I'm reacting a little too fast.... Glass house kind of thing.....LOL Nice job on baiting the reader with a title... I need to know how to do that better... Rod

  4. Hope your next birthday meal is much better! We find the same thing in this area - disappointing meals at high prices. We go to Perkins now and then for breakfast when I get a 20% off coupon and the diner at a local community airport is good at reasonable rates. That's our list of places to go eat out. I cook/grill 99% of the time; thank goodness Dave appreciates my efforts and is willing to fend for himself on those days I'm not into meal prep. Conversely, while on holiday at Cape May, we ate out exclusively and every experience was a winner!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sandie! Dogs, dogs, and more dogs…all different sizes and shapes…all great. :) Did S&S sniff and find out you were cheating on them?

  6. Those two sure know how to stay cool.

    Not sure when you birthday is, was, or will be, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  7. Well, I wondered what Fergie you were calling fat. Looks like Fergie needs a diet. I'll send her mine. She can have it!

  8. I could have used a pool like that today and it's going to be even hotter tomorrow.

  9. Looks like Fergie splashed all the water out of that pool when she jumped in! :cD

  10. I was glad to discover that 'Fat Fergie' was a dog and not the friend you were talking about!!

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Hi guys,

    You asked if we were near Bedford, VA and it is about 125 miles west of us. So, we won't be going in that direction when we leave here. Gettysburg, PA is our next stop for Grant to check out. He wants to buy a Union Army jacket there to add to his collection, plus check out the Round Top area of the battlefield.

    Gerry's sister is celebrating her birthday today by going to the Baltimore Orioles baseball game.

  12. HAhaaaaa .... love fat Fergie... aw, fat Fergie... love Bulldogs ~ real snorty though...

    what fun you had .... pork chop sandwich? wth. I'm southern and don't know about pork chop sandwiches... a fried pork chop between two slices of bread with mayonnaise? lettuce and such? nah

    Lots of places I like for the ambiance but their food being mediocre plus a way too high charge is something I encounter here in Little Rock all the time. Or it has great food and lousy ambiance. I am on a quest for good food at a good price with a lovely ambiance.

    AFTER I vacuum.... been putting if off and putting it off.. just hate vacuuming.

  13. It just goes to show that a restaurant needs to go the extra mile to be really attractive for the patrons.

  14. We rarely eat out anymore....exception is maybe a lunch here and there if we don't have a picnic.

    Fat Feegie is cute! I'm glad she has Bella for a friend!


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