Sunday, January 15, 2012



Let’s see if I can remember what we’ve done this last week. We are back in Apache Junction. Did laundry and tried to clean some of the desert out of the RV. Tuesday we went to see Aunt Happy (who wasn’t home, of course) and my sister (who wasn’t home either). Gave up and went back home.


Wednesday, we got up really early so we could take my sister and her hubby to the airport. His sister is very ill in Hawthorne, NV and he wanted to spend some time with her before she dies. When we got home, Jim decided he wanted to do some fishing. Had a good time but his back started to bother him so he was home early.

IMG_3974 Wednesday night, Dianna and Dottie joined us at Superstition Skies to listen to Brant and Kerry (those guys we just love).

Thursday Jim had his nuclear stress test and I’m not sure what else they did to him. We haven’t heard from the doctor yet on the results. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday.


On Friday, Harbor Freight was having a great sale and Jim bought us our own carrier for the generator. He spent most of Saturday getting it put together and holes drilled and everything else that needed to be done to it. Now he’s going to bolt the generator to the carrier as well as chain it down. Hopefully that will discourage anyone from trying to steal it.


But the best part of the whole week was lunch on Friday with Freddy and Delcie. These are two of our favorite people. A real life cowboy and his cowgirl. We visited for about 3 1/2 hours and it sure was hard to say goodbye to them. They are now in Quartzsite with the rest of the gang that has arrived there.

IMG_3989 IMG_3991

More doctor appointments next week. Hoping for good results.


  1. Oh, good luck to you on those horrid appts and tests. Take Care!

  2. You have had a very busy week. Freddy and Delcie are two of our favorite people also.
    Those two kids of yours are soooo cute!
    Hope all the doctor appts. go well.

  3. We are looking forward to meeting you all and Freddy & Delcie, etc. Thought we'd be out and about by now, but still here working, working, working.

  4. I hope that all the appointments go well and that news is Good News!

  5. I like the generator holder from Harbor freight right now I have a Bike rack back there with a pickup tool box on it. I might switch the tool box to the truck and put a rck like yours on for the generator.I will have to make a vinyl cover to keep the rain off it when it isn't being used.Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  6. I like the rack idea.I need one for my Honda Scooter. Thats one more thing on my list of toys to buy.

  7. Sounds like a good week. Hoping for good results on Jim's tests.

  8. Good luck with Jim's medical tests.

  9. Nice setup for the generator. Sounded like a busy week you both had. Hope all Jim's medical tests go well. Nice pictures of the furkids.

  10. Hope the test come back with positive results. :)

  11. Jim will ace those tests! You got a good one there.

  12. We cross our fingers and hope the best for Jim!

  13. I'm sure it will be a sigh of relief when you get the test results back.

  14. I'm right there with you - hoping for successful results from the tests.

    Sounds like a busy, fun week! :)


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