Tuesday, January 3, 2012


our spot

I rounded up everybody so we could all go to breakfast. Went to Sweet Darlene’s and won’t ever make that mistake again. We waited forever to get the food and then it was cold. Jim and Jeri’s eggs were overcooked. Terry had to send his omelet back because it was so cold he couldn’t eat it.

IMG_3917 But the company was fantastic.

Mike and Deb wanted a blue flame heater so Terry and Jeri took them to Grandma’s and sure nuff – they came back with a heater. Discovered they didn’t have all the doodads so the guys went back into town. Jim came home with a quick connect for our heater.

IMG_3912 Debbie and Smokie

Some of us just sat in the sun and visited. Wonder which group I was in.

IMG_3916 Jim also scored a great buy. Seems Mike and Deb’s new-to-them motorhome has an ice maker in the fridge. They had previously bought a portable ice maker. You can see where this is headed can’t you. We have been talking about getting an ice maker but just couldn’t justify the cost. But we are now the proud owners of an ice maker and while we are running the generator tonight, Jim is making ice.

We also decided that since breakfast was such a rousing success (not) that we’d try dinner out. So the eight of us headed out to the Palo Verde Restaurant. Much better this time.


On the left is Mike, Deb, me and Jim.  On the right is Denise, Lee, Jeri and Terry.


  1. Looks like a motley crew...LOL Enjoy your time together in the sun!

  2. Sounds like a fun time except for breakfast--not fun to go out and get bad food and service.

  3. the party is getting bigger and bigger!!!...nice score on the ice maker!!

  4. Looks like Q is a happening place for you and your friends. Glad you are having such a great time in the desert.

  5. Definitely won't be returning to Sweet Darlene's. I knew there was a reason I didn't go back last year. I had just forgotten. Fun, fun times. It's always fun to boondock with friends in "Q".

  6. I rarely eat out at any meal, but I love to get a good breakfast once in a while that I wouldn't ordinarily cook for myself. I just hate it when breakfast is cold, the grits are lumpy, and the eggs are either runny or overcooked!

  7. I think you guys are having way too much fun--good for you! :)

  8. How hard is it to cook a flippin' egg? Seriously?
    If you're "open for breakfast", then you need to know how to do it.
    I'm here in your restaurant. I'm hungry, yet you cannot feed me? Even though I'm paying for it.
    Can you tell this kind of thing annoys the cr*p outta me?

    This is why I stay home and do my own breakfast. Actually, it's usually better when we stay home and cook. Eating out is often overrated.
    At least your dinner turned out OK.

  9. Breakfast is the worst meal to have ruined, it just sets up you day for failure, Glad your evening meal was better. I think I would have cooked at home where I know I am going to get a great meal. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  10. Just catching up on blogs. So sorry to hear about your 'accident' with the 5th wheel falling. Sounds like you are managing to be happy despite that and a bad breakfast. Love the sunset photo - I know we'll be seeing more of those. That's neat that you got to meet "Me and My Dog".

  11. Don't you just hate when that happens?! I love to go out for breakfast, but I want it to be HOT! Wishing I was with you in Q... the warmth sounds wonderful. We have beautiful, sunny skies here in NW AL today, but it is c-o-l-d!

    Thanks for always commenting on my blog... You are so sweet! Have a great day!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  12. We tried Sweet Darlene's several times and will not go back again. Food was not great and service was the worst...

    Looking forward to meeting up with you all in a few weeks, save some fun for us!

  13. I was going to say it sounds like Sweet Darlenes's hasn't yet hired enough winter crew yet but it sounds like they weren't good last year either. So, how do we remember that for next year?

  14. We traded in a motorhome that had an ice maker for one that didn't. I hated not having ice ready at all times. I wish there was a small one that I could put in my trailer. Glad you, Jim, Scooter, and Skittlez are having a good time.

  15. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun...aside from Sweet Darlene's.
    Also...congrats on the ice maker!

  16. How wonderful that you have so many friends hanging out with you in Q. Enjoy them and the sunshine.


  17. Qtz is fun, we did it for years...just seemed to outgrow it. Sorry about the problems, but sounds like your dealing with it in good shape.... Love your opening picture,,,cute!!!


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