Thursday, January 26, 2012



RVer’s come to Quartzsite to spend money. And the vendors at the Big Tent welcome them with open arms and everything you could possibly need or want. (Well, except for the small table that we need to buy to replace the one that Jim sat on and broke that belonged to Jeri and Terry.)

The following pictures were taken by Jeri because I forgot to take the camera. Thanks for letting me use them. 


big tent

big tent1

big tent2

big tent5

We made one big purchase – a new wallet for Jim. They sell the “world’s thinnest wallet” at the Big Tent. Two years ago Jim bought a nylon one and has been sold on it ever since. However, it has started to wear at the corners and he needed a new one. This time he got a leather one which will hopefully wear a little better at the corners. And that was it for us. Can you believe that?

One morning about 11:00 we thought we’d head into town and this is what we found. Needless to say, we gave up and turned around. I took the picture as we headed back to the campsite. The traffic was backed up from the Big Tent all the way to the entrance to La Posa South.


Five members of our group were able to get jobs working for vendors at the Big Tent event.

Toni, Doug and Lyn are working for Johnny’s Seasonings.

big tent3

Jerry & Kimberly work at a food wagon.

big tent4

Good way of keeping them all out of trouble.


  1. It is a really big tent and folks are finding all kinds of stuff to spend money on. We've bought a few things but not a lot.

  2. If you can't find it at Quartzsite - you don't really need it.

    How long do you think it would take to visit every vendor there?

    Need to get back there again - everyone should experience it at least once.

    Great post!


  3. I say "If you can't find it at Quartzsite it doesn't exist !!" LOL

    I've been here this time 4 days and been in Town every day - and still haven't made it in the Big Tent.

    Maybe tomorrow ?? haha

  4. I've really enjoyed your pictures and stories about Quartzsite. It all looks a little intimidating, though!

  5. That traffic almost makes me as queasy as the photo Rick Doyle posted today of El Charro Trail in Spain. UGH!

    At least there is plenty to see and do in Q.

  6. Well perhaps I am not so disappointed that I couldn't go this year. But I have been at Q for the last three years! But that traffic is awful! You seem to block that part out from memories of last year.........LOL! I never seem to buy much anyway, so perhaps next year.......

  7. Yep...that truly is a big tent!

    Al needs one of those thin wallets.

  8. Never thought about where all the workers at Q come from. Interesting.

  9. We are almost done, only 3 more days for this go around. We are staying for the next Craft, Art, Car Show and again going to find some work.

    We love finding work in all the different places we go, it helps us to keep our fuel fund loaded...

  10. Jim's wallet sounds like something I need. If we make it there tomorrow will be checking them out. Even if we don't buy anything I think it is fun looking and just walking around, you just never know what you mite see. Enjoyed your pictures.

  11. Lots to look at. I bet you could find more stuff to buy if you try:))

  12. Someone must have been at the tent really early to get pictures inside without people! I tried to get pictures last year, but all you could see was the back in front of you....people everywhere. But sounds like you are having a great usual!

  13. Dang, missed the cord pro display and I was looking for it.

  14. So glad to read that you are helping the local economy with the purchase of the wallet.

  15. I am so impressed with your last 2 posts. Can I just copy and paste them on to my blog?
    had a tough day getting the axle taken care of and couldn't make it to dinner, didn't get out of the place til almost 5pm. ugh.


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