Friday, January 27, 2012


q group

With everybody arriving and leaving at different times, it was really hard to get everyone together for one picture. But Carol did a great job with the majority of the group.

Front Row: Paul and Sue, Dave and Nancy, Carol and Steve, Connie and Kenny.

Middle Row: Paul, Terry and Jeri, Jerry and Kimberly, Tina and Jeff, Lee, Freddy and Delcie, Toni and Doug, Joe.

Back Row: Ed and Lyn

q group1 Joe and Margarite








q group2 Marti and Paul








q group4 Denise








q group3 Jim and Sandie, Debbie and Mike with Smokey








q group5 Peter and Bea







We spent a lot of time discussing the world’s problems or contemplating RV’s.



And of course, eating out.

q town

There is no question about why I wanted to be in Q.


  1. Sure looked like a funtime with a nice group of friends, glad you got to go back. I see you even met up with Paul and Marty Dahl, What a great week!

  2. Hmm. Now where did I see those pictures before?? Oh, I know ... it was on my blog! HAHA .... however, you know I "borrow" as many from you as you "borrow" from me. Isn't that the fun of it??

  3. I'm so glad that all you fine-looking people worked so hard on solving the world's problems--somebody has to! ;)

  4. It all looks like a lot of fun can't wait to join the fun.

  5. Looks like a big, fun group of wonderful people!!!

  6. Conni sent an email that said they had a wonderful time and what a great group of people. Thanks for entertaining them! We knew they would love it.

  7. nice recap..and good photos of all the new and old friends!!

  8. Looks like a bunch of Happy Campers to me!!

  9. It was great to meet you and Jim. I hope his surgery goes well, we are sorry we only got to spend a short time getting to know you. Hopefully, we will see ya down the road! ~Marti and Paul

  10. Almost makes me want to go to the Q! Almost!

  11. We will be thinking of you tomarrow and praying for your speedy recovery...we know you have a really good nurse!! Keep us posted!! Love, William and Carol Meitzel


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