Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 – Day One


The Clubhouse is finished. Bright and early we heard the sounds of Terry hard at work. Jim finished his breakfast and went out to check on all the noise. After all the pipe cutting and tarp’s not fitting, the guys were finally able to get everything to work and this is the result.


IMG_3903 As luck would have it, Lee had a sawsall that he was willing to sell and Terry became the proud owner of a new tool.




The girls in prison.IMG_3900

And the supervisors:


Jeri and Jim took for on the ATVs and disappeared into the desert for a wild ride. Some of us took a nap. And then more excitement.

Debbie and Mike arrived. Our little group is growing.


  1. And a fine clubhouse it is !!

    But 'Jerry' ?? I know I'm bad with names but.... ?? LOL

  2. HAHA ... no one will know what Denise was talking about on your blog, Sandie. You went and changed it fast!!!

    We have a great group and have certainly been having a great time.

  3. WOW, She did change it fast !! LOL And here I was thinking for a minute that it was ME who screwed up the name !!

    Folks, I'm totally "tellin' on" Sandie....Instead of typing "Terry" she had typed "Jerry" .

    And I was getting confused !! But that doesn't take much. LOL

  4. You all are just having too much fun! Poor girls, they look so sad serving their sentence in lock-up. But then our fur kids know how to play on our sympathies, right?

  5. The girls in prison??? Glass half full--at least they are outside with the rest of the group, safe from wandering off, getting lost, etc. lol. Is that one fence set? I think my three need one of those too.

  6. How did Lee just so happen to have a sawsall for sale? What luck.
    Hope day 2 is as good as day 1.

  7. glad to see the shelter is finally up!! hopefully a big gust of wind won't come along and blow it down!!.
    Poor 'girls' stuck behind bars!!!

  8. Nice shelter! Now it's time for Jim to start thinking about building a bigger tool box! You're having such a good time there, I'm jealous! Sunshine, and RV Friends... what a great combination!

  9. Nice looking clubhouse and pen for the pups too.

  10. So now you have a clubhouse but no one is inside it? Maybe it's too small for the group? Maybe the food tables go in there? It takes a lot of tables to hold all the food this group can eat. :)

  11. Just love clicking on your site and seeing those cute little doggie faces everytime!

  12. Love the club house!!! And the sun looks fabulous...its snowing here!
    Glad to see you made it, sorry to read of your hitch drop...I'm always afraid of that happening!


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