Sunday, February 1, 2009


We have arrived in Apache Junction where we will be spending the month of February. We're staying at the Desert Holiday RV Resort and we were definitely the entertainment of the evening last night when we were trying to back the RV into our spot. This is a small RV park and they don't allow much room to manuever but thanks to our friendly neighbors, we had six guys helping Jim. (I wanted to take a picure but Jim said he was too busy to give me the camera. I don't think that was the real reason.)

Jim got the fiver backed in but the truck was at such an angle that the hitch wouldn't release. So the guys helped Jim pull the pins and take the hitch apart so we could get the truck out. This only took about 45 minutes and it gave me a good chance to visit with the wives. Everybody is extremely friendly and I think we're going to enjoy our stay here. As you can see we are hooked up and moved in. And did I happen to mention how beautiful the weather is.

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