Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Weather, Teeth, Ankle and More


I am way behind in posting. Our weather has sort of warmed up a little. We are actually going to have a few dry days in a row which is sure nice. It's been a cold, wet winter here in AZ but at least I don't have to shovel it. 

Our Superstitions had snow on them for a brief time.


We have had so much rain our pit was filled with water on several occasions. Really messed up the horseshoe schedule and any cornhole playing with all the mud. But it did dry up enough to have the last campfire of the season.

Our park has been bringing in a food truck once a month for a couple of months now. The first one was a pizza truck that everyone said was delicious. I don't eat pizza (I don't eat cheese) so I'll take their word for it. We've also had a empanada truck and I had a chicken one and a pork one. I'd definitely do that again. The chicken was especially good. I think a BBQ truck is scheduled for April.

I'm still spending way too much time at the dentist's office. It looks like it is going to be another three weeks before I finally get my partial so I have bottom teeth again. I'm getting tired of smoothies. Sometimes you just want to be able to chew something.

Then to make my life really interesting, I've done something to my Achilles tendon. It started hurting a week ago Sunday and I thought it would just get better. But I ended up in urgent care Sunday morning. The doctor walked into the room, took one look at my heel and informed me that he couldn't help me and I needed to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. He did give me a boot which makes it a lot less painful to walk. And I have an appointment for tomorrow with the orthopedic doc. I'll add the news after I find out what needs to be done.

(I know this is an icky picture, but I try to document things that might be important in the future.)


Back in 2008 as I was stepping out of our fifth wheel, I missed a step and ended up breaking my left ankle and rupturing my Achilles tendon. I spent several months in two different casts and a wheelchair because I can't do crutches. In fact when we started full time rving in 2009, I was still in a cast and a wheelchair. Jim took really good care of me but it did get really "interesting" at times.

This is my broken ankle. The piece that is sticking straight up on the left side of the x-ray is not supposed to be like that. The second x-ray is after it was repaired with two screws.

This juvenile dove sat on my railing for the longest time. I love the tuft on the top of his head.

Update. I'm in the hospital getting lots of antibiotics. I'll fill in the details in my next post.


  1. Will keep you in my thoughts Sandie!

  2. So sorry you're in the hospital. Hope you're home soon and fully recovered! {Hugz}

  3. That picture of the swollen heel looked painful. Do you think something bit you? Hope your better soon and back home. Sending healing blessings.

  4. The ankle looks awful, and painful. I hope it will be a simple fix that doesn't involve hardware in the bones. Teeth and bones, the bane of our existence sometimes.


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