Friday, June 17, 2022



 AJ, AZ    HOT HOT HOT   Highs up to 112 and Lows hopefully in the upper 70s but mostly in the 80s.

We've set a couple of record highs and we're way above average temperatures.  If you want to get anything done, get up early and get out and do it. 

The Park Group decided to change things up a bit and we went to Sassy's restaurant for breakfast one Tuesday morning. It was quite good but they are short staffed like almost every restaurant everywhere. They have an area set up where you can get your own coffee or drink, silverware, condiments, etc. That helps relieve some of the stress on the staff. They really do try to do their best.

In the not so good news - a woman in the park had her car stolen one night. For some reason she left it unlocked which is not a smart thing to do any time but especially in the summer when there is no one around. The police found the car but it was totaled. The thieves were not located. They also tried to steal our manager's golf cart but weren't able to get it going.  

Still dealing with paperwork for Jim. I think (maybe) I am done with all his medical bills. But life and health insurance is still in the works with the government. (He was covered under me as a federal retiree). Who knows when that will be resolved. They can't seem to give me an answer. 

I've been doing a lot of reading this summer. I can check books out of the library on my phone or Kindle and that works really great. I also have a bunch of "regular" books that Paul has given me so I can sit inside and read with an occasional break for TV. 

I am really enjoying Emergency from the 1970's with Gage and De Soto. Both my dad and Jim were volunteer fireman.  Notice the price of fuel from 1977. Regular in our area is now at $5.69 per gallon. I truly never thought I would see the price go over $5.00. 

I am now an Arizona resident.  Got my Arizona driver's license. I used MVS which is a third party provider instead of an actual DMV. There were only a couple of people there so I was in and out quickly. They seems to be much more efficient than the AZ state run DMV. 

Something you notice when you are really bored. I have mother's hands. I remember holding her hands and noticing how the veins stuck put and the fingers were deformed. Well here's mine.


In the other exciting news I had to buy a new roof air conditioner. My front one gave up the ghost. Chris's Good Times Mobile Service was able to fit me in right away and he did a great job. He also got my portable air conditioner vented for me. So nice to be able to sit in the living room and not worry about heat stroke. 

We had a cloud.

 And that is the excitement from AJ.


  1. Glad you are able to stay Safe from the heat and Enjoying the company of your friends in the park.

    It's about time.

  2. I know your pain with this heat. So happy you have new A/C and a second one to help out keeping your place cool. I miss my friends and our outings they all have health issues . Glad you still have some residents around to go out to breakfast with.
    Dealing with ins. comp. is a royal pain for sure.
    We had been forecast a big storm to start around 7 pm well its 7:35 and not a single sign of a storm or even a spit of rain.

  3. Always good to hear from you and sounds like you are beating the heat. Good that you have enough friends stay around in the summer to have get-togethers.

  4. Good to hear from you Sandy! I can't imagine that kind of heat. It was 90 degrees in Montana yesterday--YUCK!

  5. Reading people who are currently in AZ has made me decide to quit complaining about the cold wet spring we're having. I am sorry it is so steeeenking hot.

  6. I can't believe that heat. I have a hard enough time down here, I'm not sure how you do it.

  7. Sandie.. it is the little things, i am so conditioned to do her bidding.. i find myself not wanting to get up as i may disturb her, or not get something to eat w/o a treat for her, and the morning routine is wildly different, i can actually get up and take a shower right away, and don't have to get her out at least twice so she will poop, else she would do it on the bathroom floor, while i was in the shower. the last week tho she was not following me about as normal, she just could not walk and spent all the time in her bed.. we just adjust to what they need, when they need it.
    and at night i kept reaching for her, waking up. Have spent years, clinging to a narrow portion of the bed edge.. :)
    So today, i sat with my grand niece, they have 5 acres and i pulled weeds, yardwork is therapy for me, i can just get out there and GO and think about all the happy times we had.. and we did have so very many... Thank you for your thoughts, it means alot.

  8. Thank goodness that you were able to get A/C so quickly.

  9. Good to hear you have that AC back up and running. I thought of you the other day while we were out to dinner. The table behind us was commenting on the humidity here in Ocean City vs the 'dry' heat in Arizona. I just started to giggle and Mary asked what was so funny. Dry heat or not its still HOT. Be well my friend.


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