Tuesday, May 24, 2022


I am starting this blog post with a picture of a beautiful Arizona sunset. We don't see too many during the summer because clouds are few and far apart.

The weather has been almost perfect the last couple of days. Highs in the 80s and low in the 50s, But starting Friday, we are headed up and on Saturday we have triple digits and the same on Sunday. Then next week we are in the upper 90s all week. Pretty sure summer is here.

Update: it is Sunday and we reached 104 today. Staying near a hundred but still in the 90s for a few more days.
The few of us left in the park are still getting together Tuesday mornings for goodies: blueberry scones, cinnamon rolls and blueberry and poppy seed muffins. We do get spoiled during the summer.

Went to the American Legion for dinner with the park group. Also had lunch with a Sidney, MT classmate, Tim, and his wife before they head out for the summer. Good times.

It's amazing how boneheaded I can be sometimes. I bought a bag of M&M peanut butter. Now I know I'm not supposed to eat peanut butter (or peanuts) because they give me gout. But I thought that one bag wouldn't hurt. How wrong can I be. So for over a week I wasn't able to walk faster than a painful hobble.  

I did make a run to Walmart to do a grocery pick up. I rarely go into a store anymore, and I felt I needed a treat. These are so good when it is so hot. Cool you down from the inside out.

Well all of sudden blogger has decided to center what I'm typing. Hasn't done this in a long time and I have no idea how to fix it so it is what it is. Jim was always able to fix it for me.

That is the extent of the excitement around my house. Hope your days are sunny for you. I know a lot of you in the north are still having almost winter. But summer should show up sometime.

Just saw the news and my heart is broken. 14 elementary school children and one teacher killed in Texas by an 18 year old kid. So senseless. I feel so sad and helpless. Hug your loved ones. If they aren't close enough to hug, call them if you can and let them know they are loved. This world needs all the love we can give.

Since I posted this I found out that 18 children and two adults are dead. It just gets worse and worse. 


  1. It was a good week after the last triple digits. So like you said a couple more 90's days and then back into the triple digits. I have been gathering some projects to keep me busy. As for blogger moving things around I just go with the flow anymore. Like how it changes the font to super large and yes moving things to the middle lol.
    These senseless killings are horrible, what makes these kids so hateful?
    Sounds like you still have friends to keep you busy over the summer, and still get together for Tues. coffee and treats.

  2. May your gout heal quickly! How do these people just walk into schools with guns?? So horrible and senseless!! And thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Our temperatures resemble a bouncing ball.
    I blame the E-Games. Kids can't differentiate the difference between reality and make believe. Then they do these terrible crimes.
    Stay Safe.

    It's about time.

  4. Sorry about your gout but sometimes you just need to eat something 'bad'. We could do with some of your heat, please feel free to send it north. Our world is changing and it seems not for the good. Hang in there my friend.

  5. Interesting about the peanuts and gout. I didn't know food allergies aggravated gout. I have the same sort of problem with my diabetes. Sometimes I just have to have a treat - chocolate. Sounds like you have been getting out a little and that is a good thing. That heat is a killer but you know how to handle it. Just be careful.


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