Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Living in a Ghost Town

 AJ, AZ.  Highs in the 90s. Lows in the 60s

Some days are rough but most aren't bad.  Most of the time I don't mind being by myself. I do like my own company. Which is a good thing because in another week our park will be almost totally empty. There are probably 10 or 15 folks who stay year round.

I didn't meet Jim until I was almost 37 and he is my first and only spouse. So I learned to be pretty independent. However it is harder to be independent when you get older and don't have much strength left in your hands and you have an ankle that doesn't like to cooperate. So thank you to all those who come to my aid when I desperately need them. 

This is a picture of part of Paul's beautiful back yard. He bought a house in Florence AZ and he invited me down for lunch. Jim and I met Paul at Escapade 2008 in Gillette WY and have spent many great times catching up across the country. He's getting ready to head to Minnesota for the summer.

See the rock to the right of the tree? That is a fountain and it was so much fun to watch the birds come by for a drink.

Still trying to resolve Jim's medical bills and life insurance. Maybe next year I'll have it all resolved. 

I have found one thing that I really hate doing by myself and that is wrestling with trying to make a king size bed.  I really am glad that we invested in the QuickZip sheets. With those I don't have to try and pull the mattress down to tuck in the sheets and then push it back into place. They were expensive but I am glad we made the investment. 

Had dinner with Ginny and Mickey at Babbos on Saturday. They left Sunday morning to head to Maine for a graduation and a wedding. Everybody stopping by to say goodbye.


And ready to leave.

Todd and Michaela sent me these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day. Aren't they beautiful? Michaela made the gnome for me. She is so creative.

On Monday Paul drove up and put reflective coverings in my front windows which face west. It gets really hot in here in the afternoons and these coverings should help to keep it a little cooler for me.  Jim and I are both so grateful for all the help that I have gotten from so many people.

 Wendy (the unofficial park photographer) found a hummingbird nest with a couple of babies. I love this picture that she took. This nest is only about the size of a half dollar


This is what it must be like to live in a ghost town. Lots of empty buildings and so very very quiet. This seems to be my new neighbor.

Our temps are heading into the hundreds by this weekend. I think summer is here to stay for us. Some of you out there are still having winter. But one thing we all seem to have in common is wind.

Hopefully I will have something of interest to post every once in awhile this summer.


  1. Have you thought of getting a smaller bed to make your job easier?
    Hoping the summer will be kind to us this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. So happy you have good friends to help you out. Our Park doesn't seem to empty out as much anymore or maybe I just don't notice.
    Paper work is the pits especially the ins. ones.
    Love the baby humming birds what a find!
    Take care if you need to talk give me send me a PM

  3. Are you going to travel north to Montana this summer? Making beds is really, really hard no matter the size, especially with arthritic hands! Love the photo of the baby hummingbirds!

  4. I remember that feeling of being the last kids at camp. We would generally stay in Tucson longer than most, it got very quiet. When we bought the house, the neighborhood emptied out as well. Happy to hear you have easier sheets. When Jim had back surgery I replaced the fitted sheet with a flat sheet because there was no way I could move that steel coil thousand pound mattress.

  5. Glad to here the days are getting better and hope you can find a place to beat the heat.

  6. All hungry babies seem to be alike when they want food - mouths wide open. I spent a summer one year watching baby robins in a tree outside my bedroom window. At the time I had my first baby who always had his mouth open yelling for food! Nature can be so beautiful!

  7. That's a cute little gnome.. i have to look up how to spell that EVERY time!! I love them..
    That is a beautiful little nest!! How in the world do they do that?
    We DO have wind!!! There has been only about 2-3 days that it was anywhere near warm here, and that wind comes right off those snow covered mtns... and it is STILL snowing up there at times.. i mean, really??
    So glad you have a support system there and people to help... i don't know what i would do w/o my son here, to mow the lawn, open jars for me, you know, stuff that you just end up not being able to do for yourself... Take Care

  8. Your Mothers Day flowers are so pretty. Nice to have friends to help you. Those shades should help with the heat. I once saw a hummingbird nest in Mexico, so very tiny. This one looks well made. Hugs.

  9. Our baby Hummingbird just left the nest a couple days ago, it only takes a couple Weeks for them to Mature, which is pretty Amazing, as are their tiny nests. The heat advisories are now out and it's hibernation time here in AZ isn't it?


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