Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Last Post from Canyon Ferry for 2020

 Canyon Ferry, MT  High 87  Low 55


It's hard to believe we have been here for almost two months. We will be moving on to Billings, MT so it was time to put the boat to bed for the winter. This post just has a few random photos.

The laundromat we usually use was closed so the owner could go fishing. That meant we had to find another laundromat. Found one across the street from the train depot in Helena.

 Built in 1904 by Northern Pacific Railroad. Now used as offices for Montana Rail Link.

This sign was posted on the bulletin board in the laundromat and caught my attention.

 So men, if you need to learn to express your feelings and you're not a hippie, check out the website.

Some days the water in the lake was smooth as glass.

Spiders were a big problem this year at the campground. We've always had spiders but this year they were really bad. Jim had to wipe down cobwebs every day from the truck, boat and Bungalow. They have also invaded the Bungalow so when we get back to AZ and get everything unloaded we will be doing some bombing. I know they are good to have around to keep the mosquito and other bugs under control, but I am not happy when they invade my home.

Our turtle. Skitz fell out of her bed on her back and just like a turtle, she can no longer get herself upright. Poor old dog. But of course, I had to take a picture before helping her get back on her feet.

The next post will be on our way to Billings.


  1. Good to see you two are still out and about. So glad you finally got out of AJ.

  2. Spiders have been bad around here for the last couple of years but this is the worst.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Billings.

    It's about time.

  3. Spiders! Why does it always have to be spiders? ;c)

  4. Meanie...poor doggie lol. When dozer got his head stuck in his food container, I took a picture before rescuing him lol

  5. Poor old Skitz.
    Spiders have been a big problem everywhere it seems. I had to bring out the big bug sprayer as he webs were like blankets outside everywhere. I had using the stuff outside but it was terrible.

    Safe travels

  6. We too have noticed an uptick in spiders...

  7. Spiders. Yuck. I haven't really seen many down here, thank goodness.


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