Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Family Times

 Billings, Montana   High anywhere from 87 to 103   Low anywhere from 62 to 32

Roller coaster weather - that's what we've been having. Last Saturday we reached a record shattering 103. Previous record was 95 set back in the 50s.  Today - Labor Day - our high is going to be 48 with a low of 35. So we dropped 55 degrees in 48 hours. They are predicting snow in the higher mountain elevations. We are also getting rain today and we're hoping for enough rain to really help the firefighters get control of all the fires burning in the state.

We usually have four reasons for coming to Billings - to visit with family, visit with friends,an eye appointment for me, and service work on the truck. This year the visit with friends did not happen and the visits with family were few. Thanks Covid-19 for all the wonderful memories.

Todd has become quite involved with remote control car racing which is gaining in popularity here in Billings. I don't understand any of it but he does whatever he can do to make the car go fast, paints it in special paint jobs and decals, and spends a lot of time learning how to make it get around the track without wrecking. The club did not have any events organized while we are here but Todd got some of the guys together for some drag racing and practice runs. It was fun to watch everybody race their cars and have a good time.

And the sun sets on the race fun. Well it did for Jim and I anyhow. The rest of the "kids" stayed until about 10 or so.

We celebrated Labor Day on Sunday (since it was going to rain all day Monday) by grilling chicken wings with corn on the cob and mashed taters at Todd and Michaela's house.

Michaela and Honey Bear

Zoey stole my heart the first time they brought her home as a puppy. She loves her Grandmas and turns into a lap dog when we show up to visit.


  1. Racing those cars would be right down Jim's alley!

  2. That looks like a fun hobby, but I bet it can be expensive. But worth the money for all the fun one can have. :c)

  3. Lots of different RC Clubs out there today. Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Jets, Planes and even Tanks that really shoot. Different price ranges and regulations for each.
    We'll be glad when Covid is History as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sure hope it rains really good there and helps put out the fires. We are out of triple digits for at least 8 days lets home it stays that way. Only 90 today and tomorrow 89. Made a nice pot of barely beef soup. LOL

  5. I always thought those cars would be so much fun. We used to have an official race track for them. I think it was a pricey hobby so we never got "invested" in it.


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