Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bragging Rights

 We are on our way back to Arizona but needed to make one last post on Billings.

As parents and parents-in-law of very talented adults, that gives us the right to brag about their accomplishments.

Todd (like his father) is a car nut. He is really involved in remote control car racing which means he has to build and design and paint his own cars.I'm amazed at his abilities to create such realistic models. And he does it by finding really good buys at second hand stores and on sale. (We taught him well.)

This car won a 1st and a 2nd in races last week-end. Way to go.

He also has become very adept at stenciling. At least I think that's what is it. He made this for me.

Our daughter-in-law, Michaela, is beyond talented. I've shown you several of her works in the past but this one is by far her greatest masterpiece.  She painted this for Jim for his birthday. His velcro dog Rocky Joe.

Thank you Todd and Michaela. We love you and are going to miss you so very much.


  1. Wow they ARE talented! Love the mask! Travel safe....we have started our (slow) trek back to AZ as well.

  2. Your kids are really gifted. The painting of Rocky Joe is good. So is that RC car, it looks very realistic. Drive safely on your way south.

  3. You definitely have very artistic children. Nice Gifts.
    Be Safe heading south and Enjoy the trip.

    It's about time.

  4. Talent doesn't fall far from the tree. ;c)

  5. What talented kids you have. The car is awesome, the mask is way cool and OH the painting of Rocky Joe is gorgeous she sure did capture him.

    Safe travels

  6. I'd brag too. That mask is amazing. I never thought of working my magic on a white mask. My next projec coming up. That picture of Rocky is pretty great too.


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