Thursday, August 6, 2020

There Are Those Kinds of Days

Canyon Ferry, MT   High  96   Low 63

We headed into Helena to do laundry and make a grocery pick up at Walmart with a couple of other errands thrown in. Helena is about 30 miles from where we are camped and this park has a very small laundry which is always busy. So it's just easier to combine errands with laundry in Helena.

We were a few blocks away from the laundromat when we hear a horrible noise from the back of the truck. Jim quickly finds a parking lot to pull into and makes the wonderful discovery that our muffler had broken loose and was hanging down. I got Skitz out of the truck and took her for a walk while Jim worked on tying the muffler up til we could get to the shop.

He dropped me off at the laundromat and headed to the muffler shop. They told him they could fix it at 3:00 that afternoon. We decided to get our errands done and Jim would take me and Skitz back to the campground and then head up to get the truck fixed. Didn't quite work out that way. Jim's temporary fix didn't last and it came apart a couple of times before we got out of town. After spending a half an hour on the side of the interstate while Jim tried to chain up the muffler, we decided to limp over to the shop, leave the truck there, and see if our brother-in-law, Don, could pick us up and take us back to the campground.

When we pulled into the shop parking lot, the boss came out and said he would get us fixed up right away. We called Don back and caught him before he got on the road to save us and told him we were good. Poor Skitz got a ride up into the air that she wasn't expecting.  (She is in her seat belt in the back seat.)

I cannot say enough good things about the guys at Genuine Muffler and Brakes in Helena. They were fast, efficient, and definitely cheaper than I thought the job would cost.  Wish I had gotten the boss's name.

A half hour later we were on our way. I do want the world to know that I did NOT fall apart and cry. That's what I usually do when we have truck or RV issues so this is major progress for me. And I know Jim appreciated not having to keep reassuring me that all would be well.


  1. Every once in a while you win one, eh? :c)

  2. A lucky day for sure! Glad all went well and quickly...

  3. So happy it was resolved quickly. I know the feeling about being overwhelmed when stuff breaks. When we lost a fuel injector on the way to Wahweap on a road with zero shoulders, I was very close to a major melt down.

  4. Glad you got things quickly fixed up.
    Kathy had a hard time dealing with our major repair in New Mexico when the Truck went down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the repair.

    It's about time.

  5. Happy you found a great company to fix you up fast and cheaper than expected. Good for you for hanging in.

  6. Poor Jim, poor Skitz, poor you. By the time you get back to AJ everything will be fixed like new.

  7. Yikes, that makes for a crazy day. Good to hear the shop got the truck squared away. They understand customer service.

  8. Oh my! Not at all how you thought the day would go. However it could have been much worse. There was an angel up there looking out for you.

  9. Always nice when you find a place that can do a good job at a fair price:)

  10. Hahaha. You sound like me except I cry afterwards.


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