Monday, August 3, 2020

Meet Me in Montana

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 91  Low 63

Isn't it wonderful how a song being played on the radio can bring back such wonderful memories?  When Jim and I were first married, Marie Osmond and Dan Seals had a hit called Meet Me in Montana. This song became our anthem because we both knew we wanted to move to Montana from Virginia. I was born and raised in Montana and the first time Jim came out to Montana to visit, he fell in love with Big Sky Country. Our dream was realized in the early 1990s when we moved to Lakeside, MT. Just minutes away from Flathead Lake so Jim could come home from work and be fishing in about 15 minutes.

Last Saturday we decided to take a drive up into the hills and this song came on the radio. Many years have passed since we first heard it, but the memories were all still there.

For years I've wanted to see where this dirt road led. We found it leads to the Spokane Hills South Trailhead. The Spokane Hills are major foothills of the Big Belt Mountains.

First we had to go through a gate. Jim made sure it was closed after we went through.

And then we headed up.

We passed this ranch house.

And headed up some more.

We didn't get to drive very far til we reached the trailhead and had to turn around and head back down.

That evening we had a storm go through and afterwards we were blessed with another double rainbow.

Meet Me in Montana. It really is a beautiful state.


  1. Yes, we can certainly understand why you love Montana.

  2. I know how you feel after spending August in Montana in 83 and 84. Looking forward to when I can go back.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Love Montana,you two have fun and cherish the memories.

  4. Our daughter and her boyfriend agree with you. That's where she bought land; her boyfriend's house is for sale in Anaconda.

  5. What a great memory. Beautiful looking country.

  6. I believe I would like living in Montana

  7. I'd love to but with all the travel restrictions in place I'll have to take a rain check. :c(

  8. What lovely memories plus you made some special new ones.

  9. I'm sure I would love the open country with beautiful skies. I remember that they sang a song together that I liked but can't remember the tune. I'm going to head to youtube and see if I can find them.


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