Saturday, June 20, 2020

Let The Sunshine In

Pioche, NV   High 75  Low 43

The wind sort of died down so we headed out of Las Vegas towards our destination - Stampede Campground outside of Pioche, NV.  As we headed north on Highway 93 we had a headwind and I was happy to see we actually got 8.3 mph. I thought it would be worse.

I love the drive up Highway 93 known as the Great Basin Highway. I love the desert and how it changes as you head out through Hidden Valley to Meadow Valley with the Arrow Canyon Range on the east and the Las Vegas Range of mountains on the west. The ranges change names as you get further north as does the type of plants you see.

Just before reaching Caliente you drive through Newman Canyon.

We stopped for fuel in Caliente. When I was in my 20s - a zillion years ago - I had a friend who lived in this area of Nevada. I spent most of my vacations down here exploring the wonderful old mining towns of Caliente, Panaca, and Pioche. So many good memories. Jim and I have traveled Highway 93 several times and have taken the time for me to show him how fascinating this land can be.

The higher we climbed the more trees we saw. And the cooler the air became.

Our destination for the night was BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Stampede Campground about five miles north of Pioche. The sign shows Silver State OHV. The campground is about two miles up a maintained dirt road. You're at 6100 feet elevation and we had a wonderful breeze when we were there. It was down in the 40's at night so I definitely got my wish for cooler temps.

However, it was really hard to find a level spot. The campground slopes downward and we tried several spots before we ended up here by the tree.  Beautiful views of the mountains across the valley.

Looking down on the valley below.

Social Distancing perfected.

Some campers who stayed here on April 19, 2019 painted all these stones that were at the foot of the tree along with some "rusty stuff" for Diana.

We spent two wonderful nights for free at this beautiful site. I woke up each morning singing the Fifth Dimension song - Let the Sunshine In - in order to warm up the rig. It felt good.

Back in Arizona the number of Corona cases is increasing by leaps and bounds and the state is on fire. The Bush Fire is the largest fire in the nation and has closed the highway between Phoenix and Payson.This picture was taken from CBS station.


  1. Travel safe! Enjoy! Am following fires and Covid in AZ.....our cases keep going up here as well.... grrrr......

  2. So glad you're on the road and enjoying yourselves. Great times heading your way. Glad you got out of Arizona.

  3. Wow--that's one big fire! Safe travels you three!

  4. Ooooooo... Rusty stuff! Thank you for the picture!

  5. Glad you have cooler temperatures rather than fire out the window.

  6. So happy you made it out of AZ. These fires and Corona are a down right scary. I went to let Fred out and I can smell the fire. To tell the truth I don't know if it's from the Bush or the Bighorn. They are both horrifying.

    Stay safe and well

  7. Glad you found some cooler weather and got away from the fires and virus.

  8. Glad you are Safely Enjoying your trip North with no problems.
    Hope your southern Home in AZ is safe from the Fires.

    It's about time.

  9. You rolled out just in the nick of time. Enjoy those cooler temps, you deserve a nice chill! :c)

  10. Good timing on your part! The place you guys camped looks wonderful.

  11. Looks like a lovely place to be camping. I"m sure that you are feeling so free to be a be able to travel. That fire is so sad. Please stay safe.

  12. Boy, I would love that cold weather about now. I've never been in that part of the country to see the nature and changes. I'll bet it has its own beauty. Stay safe from those fires.


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