Friday, June 26, 2020

I Don't Think I Can Take Much More Excitement

Wells, NV   High 89  Low 58

Last night was supposed to be a calm, peaceful time. We made the trip of 140 miles from Ely to Wells without any mishaps (except for all the panting, pacing, and whining that Skittlez does). We stayed at a Passport America campground - Welcome Station just a few miles west of Wells.

Those of you who have followed my blog for years know that I much prefer wide open campgrounds with no trees. Sometimes I don't get what I like. The trees and grass do make for a really pretty campground and Welcome Station has plenty of both. We got a nice long pull through that was quite level and under a huge tree. No idea what kind.

We watched a huge fifth wheel with a medium duty truck pull in and get parked. I was nervous for them. But they got it in a spot and I have no idea how they are ever going to get it out. Our neighbor was in a rental RV. Mom, Dad and two little girls.

Everything was going along just fine until the wind started to howl. We were really rockin' and rollin' for awhile. The wind finally moved off and then took a sudden turn and came back with a vengeance. This time it brought rain with it and attacked the trees in the park. It sounded like we were being hit with baseball size hail when the branches came down on us. I was sooo not happy.

This is the smallest of the branches because the owner had already taken care of the big ones.

The park owners were out cleaning up the park before the storm even ended. They really are nice and take excellent care of their park. The owner even offered to climb up on our roof to check out our solar panels for damage but Jim decided he would do it himself.

The solar panels were okay. Nothing broken.

Jim checked everything out.

The owner loaned him a broom to clean off the slide out.

The calm after the storm. Our view.


  1. I so prefer to have a place without a lot of trees too. It didn't use to be like that because when the kids were little, that's the camping we did. Now we want that open sky. Glad you had no damage to report. Hopefully, it's smooth sailing from now on.

  2. So happy you didn't have any damage to the solar panels or the trailer for that matter.

  3. Trees are like snow--pretty from a distance.

  4. Have you tried wrapping Skittlez in a Blanket or Cuddling with her on the road. It might calm her down by making her feel more secure.
    Trees are nice to keeping the heat off the trailer but not when there are high winds. Glad you had no damage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    It's about time.

  5. To tree or not to tree, that is the question. ;c)
    Solar panels are pretty tough, and you just proved it.

  6. When we had the fifth wheel and were driving cross county, we hit the remnants of Hurricane Ike and a giant thunderstorm. The wind was bad. When we got to KOA the person checking in wanted to put us in the trees! No understanding of the wind. We paid extra for a premium site in the wide open. Good thing. Due to wide spread power outages we stayed an extra day because gas stations were closed and we got terrible mileage.

  7. Well, you look like you want to have all your exciting days close together rather than spreading them out. Glad to hear you didn't incur any damage to the RV, since getting those things take time and money.

    Take care and enjoy the summer away from Arizona and all that heat.

  8. Oh dear, that is concerning, BUT it is a beautiful place!!!

  9. The end view is beautiful but the storm sounds hairy.


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