Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Finally Take Off

Wikiup, AZ  High 104  Low 79

We had planned on leaving on Sunday, the 14th but our mail failed to show up on Saturday from our mail forwarding service. It worked out okay because it gave us an extra day to double check we had everything done and packed.

Monday morning we moved over to the Bungalow to wait for the mailman. Our slide out is on a platform and when the slide is out there is a hole on one end that goes under the platform. Jim had put a piece of carpeting over the opening to keep Skitz out but it didn’t work. 

Skitz hates to go anywhere outside of her house. She used to be okay with rving but as she has gotten older, she does not want to go. Not being able to see or hear I’m sure has a lot to do with her being so upset. But she really gets nervous and does not know where she is.

I went outside to help Jim hitch up the trailer and she got so freaked out, she was able to push past that piece of carpeting and got herself under the slide out. Of course, she had no idea how to turn around and come out. I couldn’t reach her so I had to holler at Jim (again) to come help me with her. He was able to grab her by the tail and drag her out. We will be coming up with a better solution for that hole.

We pulled out of our park about noon. Four hours later we arrived at our overnight spot. Skitz paced and panted the whole four hours. Did I tell you she hates the truck.

We stopped in Wickenburg for fuel and spotted this huge tow truck. (I took the picture through the windshield so it didn't turn out very good.)

You drive through a beautiful part of the desert filled with Joshua Trees. Highway 93 through this area is called Joshua Tree Highway. You can see how dry everything is.

We also passed Nothing, AZ. There is definitely nothing there.

Just before you get to Wikieup, Signal Rd takes you out onto BLM land and there is a camping area about two miles down the road. It was HOT. Jim quickly dug out the generator and got our air going. The new Softstart Jim installed on our air conditioner really was a life saver. We were able to run it with our 2000W Honda generator.

Our views from our campsite.  This is the Aquarius Mountain Range.


It cooled down enough that night to let us turn off the generator and just use the fan that runs off our inverter. So quiet and peaceful. Two vehicles passed us the next morning so I'm sure they must live out past there and were headed to work.

It's a good thing our plans are written in erasable chalk. Tuesday morning the weatherman was calling for wind gusts of 40-50 mph in northern AZ and into Nevada. I had planned a long day of travel for us (256 miles) but knew that wasn't going to happen. Jim called Arizona Charlie's in Las Vegas and they told us we could show up any time. I wanted some place to hunker down out of the wind so we headed out at 7 a.m.

Needless to say, Jim's arms, hands, and shoulders were pretty sore from fighting the wind when we arrived about 10:30. We got a pull thru site so we did not have to unhitch and settled in.

Talk about being sardined into a park. I didn't take any pictures cause it was just too depressing. Makes me even more grateful for the beautiful park we live in in AJ. But it was good for one night out of the wind.

And it was still HOT. But we were hooked up to electric so no generator. Skitz decided it was cooler to sleep on the floor then in her bed.

Hoping for no wind tomorrow and maybe some cooler temperatures.


  1. Wow! I learned something new today. Now I have to go see Nothing, AZ!

  2. I'm dancing and chanting on your behalf: No wind. No wind. No wind.

  3. Glad you got on the road and heading for cooler weather - hopefully. I hate driving in a crosswind.

  4. Glad things are going well so far. Poor Skittlez.

  5. Hopefully Skittlez will learn that you will take care of her and she'll relax.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Trip.

    It's about time.

  6. I wonder how the town of Nothing came up with that name?
    What kind of prize would the winner get who thought the name up? Nothing? :cD

  7. And so it starts. It's good to be flexible because so many little things can pop up when you are traveling. I hope it is smooth sailing without the wind after this. I look forward to the stories.

  8. Have a safe trip, the town of nothing is now on my list:)

  9. Safe travels hope you are past this wind now. Poor Skitz

  10. Hope the rest of your trip goes without problems!!

  11. I'm looking forward to following your trip. I can pretend I'm going someplace!


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