Friday, May 1, 2020

Still Hanging On

AJ, AZ   High 103  Low 77

I really have no desire to blog but a part of me wants to document a little bit of what life is like in isolation during a coronavirus pandemic.

We pretty much went into isolation the beginning of March and it is now May 1. The only time we leave home is to go pick up our groceries or a prescription. Occasionally Jim gets take out food when I just can't stand the thought of cooking one more meal but that's not often.

Took this picture of the full moon when I was walking around the park.


We did brave the outside world last Tuesday when we went to senior shopping hour at Frys (Kroger). We really needed to get paper towels and toilet paper since we had not bought any since February. I'm hoping we won't have to have that experience again for another couple of months. We got there about 5:35 (senior shopping is 6-7 a.m.) and got in line. There were about 20 folks in front of us and at least that many or more behind us when the doors opened. I did have to ask the woman behind me to back off because she was standing directly behind me and did not have a mask on. She acted like I had insulted her but I figure that's her problem.

We were successful. We got toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex and wipes. Wow. But I can guarantee by 7 a.m., there wasn't much left for anybody else. We also picked up chicken breasts and pork chops to put in the freezer.

We had to go to Costco on Wednesday to pick up Skittlez's prescription. I figured we'd go about 3 p.m. and hope that things weren't too crazy. Worked out really well. There was no line to get in and I would say probably 60% of the people were actually wearing masks. (At Fry's maybe 20% wore masks.) Not too many people in the store but it's still hard to maintain social distance. I did not get anything except the medicine and because there was no one besides me at the pharmacy, I was in and out in about 5 minutes. That works for me. 

Our home still feels really empty without Rocky grumbling all the time. We miss him so much. I think it's especially hard since we don't have other things to focus on.

Why use the bed when all she needs is a foot rest.


Some days are tough. We are so grateful that all of our family members are safe and still employed. My heart grieves for all those families who have lost loved ones to this stupid virus. I cry easily when I hear of the wonderful things people have done for others. The world is full of so many good people trying to make life better for others.

I do not understand why people will not wear masks. Yes they are hot and uncomfortable but if my wearing one will save even one life who am I to complain. But people refuse to think beyond the fact that "I am fine. I'm sure I don't have the virus so I don't need to protect anyone." My prayers are for them that they remain safe and  all those they come into contact with. 

Jim and I are still in love even though I think I'm getting on his nerves a little bit. He is the most patient man alive. 

In other news - we are under a heat wave that doesn't seem to have an end. Our temperatures are setting new records and are three digits. That means 100 and above. It's been like that for the last week and we don't see a break in the near future.  

Please stay home, wear a mask and wash your hands. 

We have had a couple of beautiful sunsets.



  1. Yep it’s hot here in Havasu too.104 the other day.

  2. I guess I will not complain about our 80 plus then:))

  3. Quartzsite is super hot too. We purchased an air conditioner and are quite comfortable. John insisted that he was going to install the a c but the intervened and got 2 friends to do it. Guess who is pouting now. It breaks my heart that he is not able to do what he wants.
    So sorry that you are missing Rocky so much. We do love our fur kids.

    We have moved to Gold Star RV Park and things are quite different than LaPosa South. But e have everything we need and more here.
    Stay well my friends. Miss you

  4. This is definitely a different world we are living in today. We never thought we would be living through something like this in our lifetimes. There are still lots of people who only think of themselves but they will be the "Losers" in the end.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

    1. Good to hear from you. We too are well. Weather is getting warm. Everything is so green. Doug is planting.

  5. Good to hear you are doing well. Isn't it nice to have a patient spouse? We are blessed in our husbands.

    I've decided to respond to the paper goods shortages by using cloth instead of paper towels, napkins and facial tissues. I ordered from Amazon and some are arriving today and others in the next day or two. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I got the idea from

  6. I went for my one time a week shopping this morning. Wore a mask, used wipes and hand sani and wiped everything again here at home. Even the shoes I wear to the store I don't wear in the house... it's wild here in Central NE. as we have several meat packing plants. Our numbers still climbing 200+ per day. Not trusting these openings for us... stay safe and stay in! It will be quite a while until gatherings will feel comfortable. We are going to 88 today.think about ya often.

  7. You resting new signs and we are setting some new lows. I'm sure your home must feel empty right now plus yo can't get out to distract yourselves.

    I'm with you on the masks, wear them people.!

  8. I swear I'm going to have a tee-shirt made up that says something to the effect, "Get the F** away from me!" I've not had anyone stand too close to me, except for one old fart a couple weeks ago who actually TOUCHED my shoulder. Had a big coat on (it was still cold out) and that coat stayed in the garage for a couple days. Coulda smacked him, except then I would have had to touch him! People be dumb.

  9. Thanks for posting, I like knowing people in my blog world are ok. The heat is so unpleasant! We're up early to ride the bikes and then it's pretty much inside all day. We could walk at night, but being this close to undeveloped land, there are snakes and they love to lie on the asphalt roads. So we don't.

  10. So sorry the temps have gotten so hot all ready! And yes people, wear your masks--it won't hurt you and it certainly could help.

  11. I don't understand why our governor hasn't made it mandatory to weat masks. This isn't getting any better this way. My daughter called to see if I needed anything and I asked for disenfecting spray and wipes. She found them in Fry's. Come on Walmart whats the problem. Anyway just trying to stay cool and out of stores been ordering groceries to be delivered to the house and I clean everything down outside then put them in my bags and bring them in leaving the plastic out on the porch until trash day.
    Trying to stay cool is been easy so far with the new cooler

  12. Good to hear from you. Sorry for your bad experiences, we do pretty good here in Oregon and everyone seems pretty respectful of distances. Went to order some flagstone for a project Brian is involved with here and the receptionist, leaned way forward while stepping back from me as if i had something.. which kind of makes you feel bad, but hey, whatever... i did not have the mask on as there was hardly anyone there and we were outside most of the time looking at rocks.... fun, exciting stuff of our lives right now. Did go for a ride with my niece today and felt like i was really living 'outside' the box.. but they have been isolating for some time. tomorrow they are having a bday party and i am not going to go, too many people are going to be there, don't know half o them or where they have been.... hard to think of this and the way we are living...
    Take care of yourselves

  13. That is a just a little to warm. We have been lucky here in Mississippi weather wise and with any luck we will be headed north before that changes.
    One thing I have discovered during this pandemic is I like curbside grocery pickup. I can see using it, not all the time but occasionally, going forward especially when I do not want to spend the time shopping. Just pull up pop the tailgate in go the groceries and I am out of there. Stay safe and healthy.

  14. Glad to hear you are still plugging along and haven't killed one another - always helps to have one patient person in the duo. There has been speculation that heat will kill the virus and the SW should soon be proving that as true or false.

  15. Don't mind wearing a mask but boy are they selling for rip off prices. Always somebody making money off of other people's troubles. :c(

  16. Happy to hear you are both doing well. Besides my flying to keep me sane, Mary and I only go out for the essentials. Mask up, saty safe, keep your distance is our motto. What a world we are living in.

  17. I have been staying in since the first of the year. I could see this coming and at my age I'm not taking any chances. I do walk my dog in the morning, but will cross the street to avoid anyone coming towards me.

  18. That picture of the sunset is beautiful.
    Hope you all are holding on.


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