Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Not So Merry Month of May

AJ, AZ   High  100  Low 68

Jim and I are still isolating and wearing masks when we leave the Cottage. However, we are definitely in the minority. We did brave the world to have our hair cut. We were both desperate. But I still felt a twinge of fear. Wonder if I will ever feel comfortable again out in public.

The month started with a fire a couple of miles from us; close to the highway going up to Canyon Lake (Rte 88).  They were able to get it under control quickly which is a good thing.

We've had a few other fires in this area the last week. One of them has burned over 1500 acres in north Phoenix near Cave Creek. Another one closed the highway to Payson for a short time. There was a brush fire on South Mountain but was put out rapidly. All of these were started by humans. They caught the guy who was deliberately starting the fire on South Mountain. 

This could turn out to be a pretty wild fire season down here. We had so much rain this last winter and the desert was blooming like crazy. Then the weather turned into record heat. Not a good combination.

Our friend Jayne and her granddaughter took a drive up to Roosevelt Lake and sent me a couple of pictures showing how full the lake is from all the rain this winter.

We are planning on taking off in June to head to Montana for a couple of months so Jim can do his walleye fishing at Canyon Ferry. The Bungalow (our little travel trailer that we use for traveling) has been sitting since 2018 because Jim was so sick last year. So it needs a lot of tender loving care and is keeping Jim busy with lots of things that need to be done to get it ready to go again.

I recently subscribed to a great RV News Letter - rvtravel.com. It is free and full of really great ideas and information for all RVers. The first thing I found that I was really excited about is the Softstart for an RV air conditioner. The Softstart allows you to run an air conditioner using one Honda 2000 generator. Don't ask me how it works because it has something to do with the compressor kicking on. But Jim understood all of it.

We ordered one and then Jim had to get on the roof to install it. It was an easy install. Jim had the diagram up on the roof and I called up their step by step directions to him. (I also had the phone handy in case I needed to call 911. lol) Took about half an hour. Then we got to test it out using the generator. Yahooie!!! It worked beautifully. Now we can do some boondocking if we want to even when it's 100 degrees outside.

While he was up there he also checked out all the seams for any cracks or problems and everything looks good.

Did you notice the clouds in that picture? We don't see a lot of clouds during the summer in AZ so they are really special when we do get them.

We had to replace the TV in the Bungalow. When Jim turned it on, it said nope, not happening. Amazon to the rescue. Jim got the new TV installed along with a sound bar. We also needed to replace our indoor/outdoor thermometer and water hoses. 

Our Bungalow was broken into last summer along with a couple of other RVs here in the park. So far the only thing we have found to be missing was our surge guard. We have replaced that and hopefully won't find anything else missing. 

We have an appointment to have the bearings greased and the tires checked out. Sitting in this hot AZ heat is hard on tires even when we keep them covered.

He still needs to change the anode rod in the hot water tank and blow out the dust from the refrigerator coils. And he probably has a bunch of other things to do that will keep him plenty busy until we leave. He loves having things to putter with. 

Skitz is still hanging with us. Some days she bounces all over and others she can barely move. Like Jim and I. 




  1. All those RV fixes made me sad. But we are talking about a trip down there in the car in the early fall. Just talking so far, no planning.

  2. It is merry month of May because you have a plan and Jim is working hard to get the RV ready to travel. Freedom! Great [lan and I love the idea of having AC is you need it. Brilliant person who invented that device.

    Did you have to wear a mask when you got your hair cut? We are going on the 27th and I am so unsure of it but as is evident Colin really needs to get his hair cut. Love pats to Skitz.

  3. Good idea to get the soft start device. Even better that Jim knows how it works and can explain it to you...if you care to know. :cD

  4. You guys have been settled for a while so I'll bet there is a lot to do for a road trip. I imagine Montana will be a nice place to spend the summer.

  5. Good for you to still be bouncing sometimes. I remember bouncing; it is a fond memory. :)

  6. Have a safe trip to Montana. I know Jim will be glad to get out on the lake and I'm sure you will enjoy the cooler weather.

  7. Have a great trip! I envy you leaving AZ for a couple of months. We still have zero plans for the summer. Fishing sounds pretty good.

  8. Sorry to read you had a Break-in. Hope the rest of the repairs go well.
    That Soft Start sounds like something I need to look in to.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Your post sounds so positive and happy. I think having a plan, any kind of plan, makes a person feel more alive! I am so glad for you that you can travel and see some different sights for a change.

  10. Yes you have been AJ bound for a while now as I am here. So happy you are going to be able to take off. I have some appts that will go into July and who knows what the verdict will be after that. I bet Jim is really happy to have something to do so he can go fishing.

  11. Good to see Jim working that 'to-do' list in prep for the push north. Wishing you both a safe trip and cooler wx.

  12. Reading your blog I could almost feel the excitement of getting ready for your upcoming trip north. We have only been stationary for 2 months and I know how we feel as we get things ready to move in a week. Maybe that is why...:) I feel it. Regardless Jim has certainly been busy getting you guys ready to take off. Sorry to hear your trailer was broken into.
    Your pictures of your clouds are so pretty they look so wispy. Take care.

  13. Glad to hear all 3 of you are doing okay.


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