Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Projects to Keep Us Busy

AJ, AZ    High 86    Low 52

Holy Cow - now the drug cartels are trying to take advantage of the Covid-19 mess to cause even more havoc in our country. Staying home looks better all the time.

Jim and I are both doing just fine in our isolation. I have always been a real introvert so being allowed to stay home is definitely not a punishment. Jim is much more social then I am but he also enjoys the peace and quiet of being at home. Now ask me again in two months how we're doing. May be a whole different story.

We've been finding projects to keep us busy. I like to read so I'm making a pretty good dent in the books on my Kindle. I also check out books from the public library including audio books.  The one big project that I had to finish was our taxes. I am pleased to say they are now filed and done with for another year. Yippee.

The fan on our fireplace quit working so Jim took it apart. He needed to order a part but it took him a couple of days to find a phone number for the right company. Twinstar was a great company to work with and sent everything he needed to fix the fireplace including the wire connectors and ties.  Of course, it is now in the upper 80s and a fireplace is definitely not needed. But our mornings are still cool so I turn it on for Skitz when she drags me out of bed at 4:30 am. 

The other major project he had was wiring the new backup camera that we got for the pickup. It's amazing how much longer projects take than they would have 20 or even 10 years ago. And also how much harder they are on the body. The camera takes video of what's happening in front of us until the truck is put in reverse and then it becomes a back up camera. Really slick. 

I am having trouble keeping track of what day of the week it is. If it wasn't for Skitz's pill box or my phone - I really wouldn't have a clue. The other issue I have is my hair. I have yucky hair to begin with and not being able to get it cut is driving me crazy. Here in AZ hair salons and barbershops are considered essential but there is no way I am going to go sit in one. And cutting my own hair or letting Jim cut it is also totally out of the question. So who knows what I will look like in a couple of months. Really scary.  

We had an issue with Skittlez that gave us a scare. She started pooping bloody stools during the night and we had blood all over the place. She also didn't want to eat which means she really doesn't feel good because she is totally food motivated. I found an emergency vet and they told us to bring her right in. They were wonderful. We did all the paperwork in the truck and they took her in for her exam while we waited in the truck. After just losing Rocky, we were really worried about what was wrong. Seems she picked up a parasite somehow. They gave her meds and a special diet and we got to bring her home with us. We are so grateful for the wonderful care we got at VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona in Mesa.  

Some of the guys in our park practicing social distancing.  Took the picture from inside our rig. We are not socializing at all right now.

And that's enough excitement in our lives. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying far away from each other. 


  1. Glad Skittlez is okay, and you both are too. Even with long hair... :cD

  2. That back up camera install looks difficult, Jim is brave to attempt it. Glad Skittles has something simple to fix. I'm giving some thought to buzzing my hair down to a couple of inches, it's driving me crazy.

  3. Surely there must be someone in your park who can cut your hair. If not wear a toque. Or smoke a toke.

  4. The vet was kind, and Skittlez is doing well! My hair is shaggy and desperately needs a dye job. I can handle the color, but being shaggy not so much.

  5. I wish I had Jim's fix it skills. Glad the pup is ok. If not for being a TV watcher everyday would be Wednesday for me.

  6. Good thing that Jim is capable to fix things.
    Hoping things turn around for Skittlez.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Isolation.

    It's about time.

  7. I've often thought that, if I can swing a hockey stick and hit you, you're too close to me. I've also now been thinking up appropriate slogans for T-shirts, such as "Now I can say it, get the F&&k away from me!". Social distancing? No problemo!

  8. Oh my gosh...we say all the time that that project took twice as long as it did when we were in our 50's...heheh

    I had to do my roots the other day. What a mess. I did cut my bangs. When my hairdresser sees them, she is going to go nuts. Oh well.

    Glad Skittlez is better. We always worry so much about our kids.

    Keep safe dear friends.

    1. I've been cutting my bangs lately, and I know we are both going to get a lecture from our hairdressers!

  9. Thankful Skittles is better. Not worrying about hair right now. But give me a couple days. Gotta have something to fuss about.

  10. Emmi has had those kind of intestinal infections--antibiotics and expensive dog food did the trick. Glad Skittlez is OK! Stay safe you two!

  11. So happy Skittlez is doing OK, and you found a vet close enough to you. Fixing thing or doing somethings that never seemed to be a problem before has turned into huge ones know.
    Happy your and Jim are doing well.

  12. Hair and nail salons in Virginia are closed. Ed colors my hair all the time but it is getting shaggy. Once everything opens, the lines for haircuts are going to be worse than the lines for tiolet paper! LOL

  13. Sounds like you guys are doing well while hibernating and glad the dog is going to be okay - I know how scary that can be.

  14. I would really be upset if anything happened tko my dog during this crisis. He's the only thing that keeps me going and making me smile now and then. (He also can bring on some of my worst language!)

  15. Nice that hair salons are considered essential there! I wish they were here. Not only for my own grey stripe that I'm getting on the top of my head but for the lady who does my hair. She just got back on her feet after a medical emergency and was struggling to catch up!

  16. Glad your puppy is okay.
    I was reading something that mentioned that the run on TP was nothing compared to trying to get a salon appointment when this is all Stay safe and healthy.


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