Sunday, November 11, 2018


Apache Junction, AZ   High 82  Low 54

After our wonderful visit with Nancy, it was time to turn the Bungalow west and head home. Ginny warned us about a severe storm that was headed our way. Sure glad she did.

We decided that we had to get west of that storm before it hit Texas and Louisiana and all those states we had to drive through. We took a look at the map and figured I-20 would be the route to take. Monday morning we got on the road early and ended up in Meridian, MS. Covered about 350 miles.

A couple of mornings we were on the road before the sun came up. We got to see the sunrise in our rear view mirrors.


Tuesday we did almost 500 miles to Corsicana, TX. Wednesday we were still in TX and ended up in Odessa, TX. Can’t believe you can drive for two and a half days and still be in TX. But Thursday we made it out of Texas and into New Mexico. Spent the night in Deming and then got home about noon on Friday.

20181031_102852I’m really thankful that Jim was willing and able to drive so many miles in one day. We had one day of driving through pouring rain and wind when we had to pull off a couple of times because we couldn’t see the road. Later I found out that this storm had brought high winds and tornadoes to the areas we had just driven through.

This is the sign I’ve been looking for.


Now the pups and I are suffering from changing three time zones in four and a half days. Skitz wants to eat breakfast at 4:30 in the morning. Once she gets me up that’s it for me so I’m ready for bed by 8 p.m. Hopefully in a day or two that will straighten out.

Skitz is so happy to be home. She loves her fireplace and if she never had to leave again, she would be happy.


Sometimes she almost makes it into her bed.


Rocky doesn’t care where he is as long as he’s with Jim. Sometimes he does like to share Skittlez’s bed with her.


11,369 miles driven by Jim since we left Apache Junction back the beginning of June. I think he deserves a break and some fishing now.

It does seem really strange to not be going to Mesa to see Aunt Happy. 

Our neighbor, Wendy, took this beautiful picture of an Arizona sunset in the Cottage’s window. So happy to be experiencing these sunsets again. Notice Wendy’s Casita next door with the eyes. Love it.


And so our travels end for 2018. There won’t be many blog posts until we travel again but I’ll be sure to check in once in awhile and let you know how things are going for the Dixons.


  1. Nice that you made it back to Arizona safely another few weeks until we get back there, and enjoy some wonder sunsets as well.

  2. Glad you made it home and GLAD you had such an amazing LONG LONG trip....

    Now--just relax and enjoy the holidays.

  3. That was a great trip, looks like you ended it doing some PDD days! The pups look happy, bet it shows on your face too. :c)

  4. Welcome Back. That was some push to get home don't blame you with that storm chasing you

  5. That's a lot of miles but I sure understand getting ahead of the storm. We were stuck in it for 5 days in May because we couldn't cross through it pulling. Glad you're home and love the sunset in the windows.

  6. Whew. That was quite a trip home. The pups do love their own homes.

  7. Welcome back! I love that picture of the pup-dog half way into her bed. That is so cute. Those were really long days in the truck.

  8. Sandy What was the I-20 road surface like?

  9. Dogs do not appreciate time changes! I drove the "long way" through Texas only once and thought I'd never get out of that state. Most times I took I-40 across which is the narrowest part. I have always enjoyed driving in New Mexico, especially the southern part. I thought Roswell was fun but didn't see any aliens!

  10. Such cute doxie photos, brings back so many memories.

    Please don't take too much time off, your readers like to know what you are up to.

  11. Hey Sandy - I don't recall an email re: I-20. Can you resend?

  12. Always happy when u check in. Texas.... it took me 4 days to get thru it and thought i would spend the rest of my life there... I spent couple days in Deming too!! Went to those indian ruins up north in the mts... can't remember the name now...
    Dogs look happy!


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