Monday, November 5, 2018


Hampton, GA – Atlanta Motor Speedway – cold and miserable

As I mentioned in my last post, we knew we were going to be stopping in Atlanta. Nancy is our reason for this visit.

Nancy used to blog often when she and her dog Jack were rving. Her blog is Mr. Nimble    As all dogs do, Jack got old and crossed the rainbow bridge. Then Nancy had back and hip problems – major problems. She finally had to sell her RV and now she only blogs occasionally.


When I started reading Nancy’s blog, it was like I had found a kindred spirt. We like or dislike so many of the same things. The gypsy spirit seems to be in both of us but we definitely prefer the west. She may live in Atlanta but she doesn’t like trees or humidity or bugs any better than I do. And she loves dogs.

She was willing to drive all the way from her home down to where we were camped so we could have lunch together. It was just amazing to see her again even though our time was short.

Thanks again Nancy for taking the time to come see us.

I love this picture of Jack. I took this when we last saw Nancy in 2014.



  1. That's GREAT.... I have some very very special friends through blogging ---and have met many of these wonderful folks... I know how excited you were to see Nancy again...


  2. Always nice to meet up with fellow bloggers again in our travels.

  3. How lovely to meet you kindred spirit again.

  4. You're making a big circle of friends and relatives with several (driving) adventures along the way. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  5. I'm so happy you had lunch with Nancy. I know it meant a lot to her.

  6. Oh I love that saying...Crossed the rainbow bridge. So uplifting in a time of sorrow. Thanks.

  7. I always enjoy meeting up with fellow bloggers.

  8. Seems like yesterday! I didn’t tell you at the time, Sandie, but I just about made it home—the hotdogs didn’t agree with me. I’ll leave that to your imagination. I so have the urge to blog, but I hit a wall AND now I’m going through something I don’t know how to write about. I don’t know how long they keep a dead blog going, so I’m just treading water.. Back to NY on the 3rd for a month—maybe more—no real way of telling. The wheelchair pushers are like comacazi (sp?) pilots—think it’s riskier than the plane ride. I think of you and Jim so often, and yes, you are definitely a kindred spirit. Love to Jim and the two cutie patooties! Maybe I’ll pick up the blog again one day.


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