Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Back to the Routine

Apache Junction, AZ   High 83  Low 62

I’ve been having internet issues. Our Verizon signal is almost non-existent here in our spot and we’re not sure why. Jim spent hours on the phone with Verizon and got no where. Took my computer in and had it all cleaned up and fixed. Still have a lot of trouble getting on line and loading web pages or pictures takes forever if they will even load. Very frustrating.

We have settled back into our routine of doctor appointments and catching up with friends we haven’t seen all summer.

We went to lunch with Paula who has returned to the valley. Then we had lunch with Toni, Doug, Jeri and Terry. Got to see Jeri and Terry’s new fifth wheel and it is gorgeous. We’re trying to figure out when we can get to Casa Grande to see Toni and Doug’s new motorhome.

Doug took this picture for us. We were at Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ. Love that place.


Between us and the pups, we have had doctor appts almost every day except for the week-ends. Hopefully next week things will calm down and Jim can do some fishing. He hasn’t even had the boat out once yet.

Jan and Bill also came for dinner one night. So much fun to catch up with folks. They had given us a pillow with fish on it when we first got our fifth wheel. Skittlez has decided to claim it for her own.




Hopefully I can get caught up on blogs some day.


  1. Things will eventually settle down and the routine will return. Obviously Skittlez has the routine down....ZZzzz too cute!

  2. Sounds like you are very busy but in a very fun way! Wish we were out that way. We miss meeting up with y'all. Keep the party going!

  3. Well, you guys have certainly been busy!! Visiting friends is lots of fun but doctor's appointments not so much!!! Prayers all is good with those appointments!! That Skittlez is a cutie!!

  4. Sometimes it is nice to get back to a regular routine. Looks like the dogs aren't having a problem with relaxing. Hope your next week will be a little calmer.

  5. Happy to hear you are settled in. The weather had been pretty good except for the wind we have been going throw. Guess we can't have everything and as long as we are now into the 80's I'm happier.

  6. It's either feast or famine with activities. I know how that goes. It was certainly nice seeing everyone again. We're still wanting to see your new home in the next few days. Waiting for your doctor appointments to clear up.

  7. I've been having problems with my computer as well - nothing too serious too far. I bet if I had my computer cleaned they would find enough crumbs inside to make a loaf of bread!

  8. Poor Jim, not getting to see the boat. Hope he isn't having any withdrawal symptoms! :c)

  9. We are on our way don't party to much before we get

  10. Settling in to the routine, even a hectic routine, is nice. Don't know when we will ever be in the area again but Sid's and that BBQ place will be on our list.

  11. I feel for you and your computer problems.


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