Monday, November 20, 2017

Aunt Happy and Pretty Birds

AJ, AZ   High 83  Low 61

Hard to believe Aunt Happy is 104 and still going strong. However, we did see some deterioration in her ability to walk and speak. She had a physical therapist with her when we got there who is making her walk and do some leg exercises. She has a little more trouble getting her thoughts out into words but her thoughts are still very sharp and aware. She’s really happy we (especially Jim) are back in the Valley and not too far away. She always has little chores for Jim to do – like change a battery in her clock or restring her bead necklace.


Skitz is so happy to be back in the land of sunshine and hot rocks.


We had purchased some road runner statues when we were in Mexico a few years ago. They were brown and rather sun faded, so we enlisted the talents of our daughter-in-law, Michaela. Here is the result of her work. I thought we had a picture of the “before birds” but we can’t find it. Michaela has an amazing ability to put color together to create works of art.





Jim and Marv went fishing. Didn’t catch any fish but found a few small things that needed to be repaired on the boat. Jim has got most of the repairs finished and hopefully will be back out on the water next week.

Skittlez loves these cooler mornings because she gets to lay in front of the fireplace.


Or snuggle on the couch with Rocky Joe.


Still catching up on doctor appointments. Just amazes me how many times we have to see doctors anymore. Thank goodness we are still having good times catching up with friends in between appointments.

Sure do love these Arizona morning skies.



  1. Makes me miss our time in Arizona but not the long drive. The road runners are beautiful

  2. Aunt Happy is an amazing woman. It's hard to believe she's 104 by looking at her. Love the temperatures now. They're just perfect.

  3. Wow! 104?? I can't even imagine...

  4. Amazing lady, she doesn't look a day over 80.

  5. Your aunt is just amazing she doesn't look a day over 80!!! Like the new colors on your birds also.

  6. I can't believe how wonderful Aunt Happy looks. she doesn't look nearly her age.Bless her.

    Michaela , did a really nice job on the roadrunners, so cheery and bright.
    Skitz knows how to stay warm. Fred runs to the electric fire place after his first out to but I haven't turned it on yet still enjoying the chilly mornings after a long hot summer. And I am no looking forward to the temps for Thanksgiving.
    Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Aunt Happy looks great for her age (104) and she doesn't look much older than the lower 80'! You dogs are enjoying the warm fireplace / warm sunshine on the rocks...what a life!

  8. Aunt Happy looks amazing!
    Beautiful colors on the roadrunners, Michaela is obviously very talented.
    Jealous of the warm temps....the cuddle bug fur babies look happy catching Z’s.

  9. Aunt Happy is amazing. Most people much younger than her are loosing their abilities. Good for her.

  10. Aunt Happy looks so beautiful. I have more wrinkles at 66 than she does at 104. What a lady.
    Tell Michaela she did an outstanding job. Gorgeous.
    I love AZ morning and night skies!

  11. Pictures of Aunt Happy always make me smile, she's an inspiration for sure! :c)


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