Friday, July 21, 2017

Campground Visitors

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 98  Low 64

Had some visitors drop by our campground store. They are from Texas and are headed up to Whitefish, MT for a big car show and rally.





And there they go.


We also had this rather odd looking RV in our park for a few nights.


When Jim was cleaning some fish, a couple of guys stopped to talk to him. He ended up inviting them to go fishing with him the next day. Really made their day. Jim left Rocky at home because we were afraid he might get stepped on. Sure enough, they caught some fish but not near as many as Jim and his good luck charm, Rocky Joe. Jim let the guys have the fish for their dinner.

On Saturday, out of curiosity, Jim drove down to the boat trailer parking for the lake. There were between 80 and 100 trailers and that is why he does not go out on the lake during the week-end.

The 19th was my birthday and we went up to Winston to the Big Bull Grill with Carol and Doug. Got my fix of hand cut fresh French fries and a creme brulee for dessert. A wonderful day.


  1. Oh, I know what I'm gonna make you when we see you!

  2. Well, belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you enjoyed your celebration. Best wishes for a great year ahead!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a special one for you!!
    Those are some classy good looking cars!!!
    Glad they stopped by and you were able to get some pics!! Cool

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Sandie. Sounds like it was a tasty one.

  5. Happy birthday!

    I see Jim drooling over those cars. :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Those are some cool wheels there:)

  7. Happy Birthday, gotta love those old cars, it sure would be an adventure making that journey in one of those

  8. I bet Jim loved checking those Fords out. It's a wonder he doesn't have one of his own!

  9. So glad that you had a wonderful day on your special day.

    Nice cars.

  10. I bet Jim was loving those cars.
    I am sure I did wish you a happy birthday on FB, but what the heck....happy birthday dear friend.

  11. I see others wishing you Happy Birthday, Sandie. I'm late, as usual, but wish you a wonderful year brimming with laughter and great memories. Pats to the pups!

  12. Well, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Those are really neat cars!!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Sandie. Sounds like it was a tasty one.



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