Sunday, January 15, 2017

We’ll Do That Again

AJ, AZ   High 64  Low 56

happyWe stopped to visit Aunt Happy. She had been to see the doctor for her yearly check-up and he told her she was in fantastic shape. But she told him she had a problem. So he asked her what the problem was and she told him, that she had trouble pulling up her pants and it really bothered her. He told her that if the only problem his patients had was pulling up their pants, he would be overjoyed. She cracks me up.

Those of you who know me, know that I do not make pies. Mrs. Smith does such a good job that I don’t need to. But – as Toni knows, my hubby loves coconut custard pie. Not cream pie but custard pie. Toni made him one a couple of years ago and he hasn’t had one since. So I decided to be brave and give him a treat. He told me that I could do that again any time I want to.

I forgot to get a picture before he ate half of it. I don’t like coconut so it’s all his.


I love Groupon. We have had a chance to experience some really fun things using Groupons –such as Jim driving a NASCAR, trying to figure our way out of an escape room, and several eating experiences. At Christmas time, I found another Groupon that I wanted us to try. This time it was a hot rock massage at Willow Massage and Spa.

It was an incredible experience. We did the couple massage so we were both in the same room. Chico was my massage therapist and Jim had Stephanie. What can I say, other than we are definitely going to do that again.

I took these pictures from their website because I forgot to take any pictures. Check them out at





After the massage, we stopped at Not Your Typical Deli for a sandwich.


They hire autistic and developmental disabilities. This is from their website.

“Not Your Typical Deli is a full service delicatessen and bakery, located in Gilbert, Arizona. We showcase local products and services, including local artists, bakers and other culinary professionals, and provide our guests with a unique dining and shopping experience. NYT Deli was created to make a difference, not only do we serve incredible food, NYT Deli also creates opportunities for those who usually don't get them! We create an integrated work environment for those with developmental disabilities.

NYT Deli offers three 12 week training programs per year for adults with Developmental Disabilities. After our students complete the 12 week course, they are not on their own. We offer long term mentoring as our students start their careers in the culinary industry.”


We will be stopping there when we have our next massage. We will do that again.


  1. I love coconut creme or custard pie!

  2. Oh wow! You baked Jim a pie. I am so proud of you.

  3. That looks like a great pie! I have always baked pies but don't really have room to roll out the crust where I live now. I am planning to try it soon though - I will just use a small table I have and hope I don't get flour everywhere.

  4. Now that's love--making hubby a pie you won't eat!

    I wonder about a spa where a male massages the female and a female massages the male. It might be a good things you two were in the same room. :)

  5. You have been having fun I see the massage sounds wonderful and Deli another good experience. I don't bake much anymore after 10 years of baking 5-6 does a day in my restaurant, we just would not eat it.

  6. You guys have been having some cool experiences. I had a couples massage once, and we did the same thing - male for me and female for him. Aunt Happy looks wonderful, as usual. She's my hero. I want to be just like her when I grow up. And good job on the pie - No wonder you are such a happy couple! :)

  7. Nice pie! You did good, as Jim ate half right away. I think you'll be making them more often now. ;c)

  8. I love the idea behind that deli..We have a grandson with some sensory issues, and can appreciate how hard it is to find your place in life for some people..Also, the sandwich looks deeeelicious!!

  9. I have a funny feeling that Aunt Happy's favorite color is purple. If not, it should be. She looks great in it.
    I love Groupon too. Paul would never do a couple's massage. I don't think he would even do a single massage. Glad you two enjoy it.
    What a cool idea for a Deli. Nice to help those with disabilities.

  10. You really do get your deals at Groupon. Terry and I don't agree on the same pie being our favorite but that doesn't keep him from eating the ones I like! :)

  11. You are having extra fun so far in 2017 :))

  12. Fantastic idea on the deli!! I truly applaud that concept!! Your pie looks delicious...I love anything coconut!!
    Aunt Happy is terrific!!


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