Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wiener Mania

Phoenix, AZ   High 77  Low 53

Saturday morning we had a patio sale here in the park but nobody came. In prior years there have been lots and lots of shoppers and lookers but not this year. And, of course, this was the year we had put out a few items. Oh well. Back into the shed they go.

wiener mania

We then headed out to Turf Paradise Race Track in northern Phoenix. The Arizona Adopt a Greyhound group was having a big fundraiser. This year their cosponsor was Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue which is the group I support as much as I can.


As strange as it sounds, the Greyhound Rescue group’s biggest event is the doxie races. Don’t know for sure what I was expecting, but I was definitely not expecting the thousands of folks who came out.

The doxie race track is in front of all these folks.

wiener mania1

We were in dachshund heaven – surrounded by hundreds of doxies of every shape, size and color. And no – we did not take our girls with us. Skittlez would have been scared and traumatized and Scooter would have tried to be the boss of every other dog there. That would not have been fun for any of us.

wierner mania1

I really didn’t get to see much racing. I’m too short and there were too many people. Jim could see a little bit and he took a couple of videos. I don’t know how to get a video into the blog so if you go to YouTube and search for wiener mania 2016 you can see a couple of videos that are posted there.

They are hysterical. Most of the dogs didn’t make it to the finish line. They came out of the gate and then turned around and wanted to go back. Or they wanted to play with the other doxies that were “racing”. Or there were all kinds of good smells on the grass to check out.

I sure hope they made lots of money for the dogs and that all of the doxies that Happy Tails brought with them all found wonderful furever homes.

Sunday night we went to Sweet Tomatoes with Paula. Love their salads and the brownie bites, of course.


  1. That would be so much fun to see. I don't blame you for taking a ride out there.

    Wonder why you didn't get many participants this year at your garage sale. They are so much fun!

  2. Now that sounds like it would have been amazing !

  3. Being too short has many disadvantages! It does not seem to hurt the doxies though. What a fun event.

  4. Sounds like a fun event. Of course most of those doxies didn't finish their run, they always decide what to do and when to do it :)

  5. I bet that was funny watching those silly doxies running here there and everwhere. Hope they did find lots of homes. Fred almost went to that rescure but I interved. I had already filled out the forms and was approved and some how they fell threw the cracks but I wasn't about to have that happen. Glad I fought so hard he is a gem and a sweet little silly guy

  6. I love doxies, my mom raised them and we had quite a few over the years and loved them all. There may be another one in my future. ;c)

  7. Of course they raced the doxies instead of the greyhounds--you don't need nearly as much space for the doxies and the greyhounds don't need to see anymore racing.

  8. I bet that was hysterical. That's just the kind of event that I love to watch, and even better if you're raising money for any dog.


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