Friday, March 18, 2016

Rod, Skittlez and Nancy

AJ, AZ   High 89  Low 54


We’ve got a whole lot more gray on our feet and our muzzles but we still like turkey.

I’m sure most of you have seen Rod’s blog post telling us that his surgery is scheduled for Monday. I heard from his DIL and they really don’t know much at this point. They will need to wait for the pathology reports from the surgery as well as what the surgeon will find. Biscuit is being well taken care of and given lots of love.

Our poor Skittlez is not happy with us. She had to have five teeth pulled yesterday and was pretty miserable. She stayed plastered next to me in our chair for several hours and just slept. She could finally have some soft food about 7:00 last night. Boy did she enjoy that. Today she is back to normal. At least normal for her. She still has to eat soft food for about a week until her mouth heals but those canned carrots really went down well.


Jim has been working on his boat. The gel coat was coming off so he has been painting and sanding. Sure does look pretty now. Hopefully he can get it wet next week.


Hey Ray – have you ever done a 3-D quilt?


Look who’s back in blog land. Nancy hasn’t blogged in a long time but she has got herself a new trailer and is getting ready to venture out again. Go take a look at her pretty new rig at

Travels with Mr. Nimble and Nancy


  1. You are so sweet. Oh, poor little Skittlez. I'm glad it's over. Dog's teeth can cause so many problems throughout their systems--even heart as in humans. Glad she's ok.

    I'm afraid I don't (or can't remember) the name of Rod's blog--would you email it to me? I'll be thinking of him and wishing him the best.

    Jim/Boat is good news! :)

  2. Poor Skittles! Bet she's all better by now!

  3. I hope Skittles is doing much better now. I rememer reading somewhere that dogs don't chew their food, but I guess they need their teeth to bite as well as to crush larger items so they can swallow them. Soft foods are no doubt the answer for her.

  4. Ouch for Skittles...
    Praying still for Rod.

  5. Tummy rubs to Skittles.

    That quilt is amazing! I would be trying to pick parts off it. :)

  6. The boat looks great!
    Bella wants to tell Skittles she hopes she is doing very good today.

  7. The quilt looks like one Cindy made a year ago while we were in Surprise.

  8. Poor little Skittles, glad she is doing well.

    I am so happy you posted Nancy's link I ran right over there I really missed her blog.

  9. So sorry to hear about Skittles. At least she's not mad at you for having her teeth pulled. Glad Jim's going to be able to get out on the lake. That's about the best medicine for him.

  10. Poor puppy. Hope she has recovered somewhat. We will be getting our girls teeth done when we get home.

  11. Oh, poor Skittlez.... Luci is all recovered and back to her usual, whiny self.... how in the world did she get that way, suppose I did it somehow.. finally giving in, as it is easier :) Oh, well, they are little loves, huh??


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