Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tests Finished – No Results Yet

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 59

Thank you all so much for the wonderful wishes on our anniversary. We had a nice day. After church Jim took me up to Porter’s for my favorite hamburger. They are sooo good.

Our weather is still gorgeous but it is going to be headed up this next week.

Jim is done with tests and now we are waiting to hear from the doctors. Hopefully early next week.

After his test on Thursday (he had to fast for it) he was ready for breakfast. We were almost in downtown Phoenix so I went on Yelp and found a breakfast place with great reviews.

I forgot to take any pictures so these are from their website.


matt'sThis is a local place in a rather rundown neighborhood and caters to everyone from men in suits to families and everyone in between. It’s not large but it was packed when we got there at 9:30 on a Thursday morning.  

The food was incredibly good. They make their own blueberry preserves and we ended up buying a jar because it was so good. However there was one major drawback – the place was NOISY!!!! I have never been anywhere that was as loud. I actually ended up with a headache from the noise. But we would go back if we are ever in that area again – the food was that good.

Wednesday night we ordered Chinese take-out and went over to Paul’s place to watch a movie – My Fellow Americans – an oldie but so funny.

When we’re not eating, Jim is still working on projects so that when the doctor says we’re good to go we can get out of here.



  1. You are making me hungry but we are on our way out to dinner.

    Good luck with those tests Jim.

  2. Good to go! Music to my ears! We are still waiting here till June 17 and my Urologist appt.

    I thought Jim was needing surgery on his leg???? Am I wrong?

  3. Is it terribly hot in AZ yet? I hope you get to leave soon.

  4. Ugh! Why is it doctors make you wait so long for test results? Maybe so they can have all their doctor friends to look at the results too so they can charge more? ;c)

  5. Keeping good thoughts for great test results!

  6. I hate medical tests. I hope the results are good and you can get on your way soon to enjoy the summer!

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed that the test results are A+.

  8. We have yet to get to Matt's Big Breakfast even though it has been on our list for awhile.

  9. Hoping the only news comes back on Jim's test results!

    1. That was suppose to say "good news"! :-)

  10. We're hoping Jim's tests match Sandi's --- straight A's. We'd like to see you get on the road real soon and especially before those triple digit temperatures.

  11. Good to be done and ready to go.

  12. Gerry and I are saying a prayer for good news from Jim's tests. The uncertainty and waiting always get to me unless I can do things to keep my mind active. Tell Jim to pull all his tools out and clean them and put them back in their proper place. Great breakfasts also are a picker upper.

  13. Hi There, I am praying for good results from all of Jim's latest tests. I know the 'waiting' is hard--but hopefully, things will come back really GOOD.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  14. Surprising how noisy some places are. You'd think they'd hang some wall hangings to soak up the sound. Sounds like a yummy spot, though. Good luck on the test results. I have my fingers crossed.

  15. It sounds like that breakfast spot should make the "diners, drive-ins and dives" tv show. :)

    Thoughts and prayers for excellent test results!


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