Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day

Apache Junction, AZ  High 79  Low 8

I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with lots of love and fun.

Very unusual weather for Arizona in May. We are about 15 degrees below normal. Next week we are supposed to be much closer to normal but towards the end of the week it will cool back down into the 80’s. Sure makes my electric bill happy.

We’ve been seeing a lot of doctors and having lots of tests done. Hopefully next week we get all good reports and we can get out of here. Monday is our appointment with the oncologist. I always spend a very anxious few days before this appointment so I’ll sure be glad when it’s done.

scooterWe took Scooter in for a check up before leaving town and loading up on six months worth of pills for her. Her lungs are sounding good but the vet said her heart just gets louder and louder. I know that means that her big heart could just give out at any time. However most days she feels good and loves to go rabbit hunting with Jim. She’s enjoying life and we’ll do everything we can to make her happy.

unnamedThis is what happens when Jim takes her out to hunt rabbits. Sometimes they don’t get too far. Got to stop and visit you know. The beautiful Siberian in the picture is Kia and she is almost 13. Not sure she’ll be back with us next winter or not. 

We have a mama hummingbird right across the street. Such a little tiny nest. 


Can you see her in the picture below?


Can you tell I’m looking for things to do? This is what happens – poor Skitz. I used her collar to rearrange her ears.


She moved her head just as I took this one.


Saw this at a Fry’s parking lot. Great idea. Solar power and shade for shoppers all in one.


Jim got the roof of the fiver washed and sealed and all new vent covers put on.


An Arizona sunset.



On one of our many visits to Scottsdale for doctor appointments, we had breakfast at The Breakfast Joynt. Pretty good food. But the sinks in the bathroom were really incredible.


On Friday we spent almost six hours getting tests done for Jim. By that time I informed him we were not cooking dinner and doing dishes. We had a coupon for Dickey’s BBQ in Mesa and decided to give it a try. It was really good.

This pair was sitting outside Dickey’s. Not sure where they came from but I hope they made it home safe.



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope that Jim's Dr. visits continue to be positive!

  2. Ha we gave ex-relatives named Joynt. I will see what she knows about that breakfast place.

  3. Sandie, Walmart is doing the solar thing on their parking lot here in Elephant Butte, NM.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Sandie. Your a Fur Mom.

    That sink is a hoot.

    Hope all the tests come back unremarkable!

  5. Happy Mother's day...... Sounds like its still cold in Montana...... Maybe you won't be in too much of a hurry to get outa AJ...

  6. Happy Mother's Day. You are the mother hen to all us rvers who you take the time to meet and get to know as our travels cost paths.

    Hope all the tests are for the good and you can escape the heat that is coming up there in AJ.

  7. I know what it's like waiting for test results and it's not fun. I'm hoping soon it will be behind you and everything will be perfect.

    We tried Dickey's BBQ on our trip east -- someplace. We loved it. I thought your picture of Skitz with Jim's feet on each side of her ear was a gas!

  8. I know. While we were there, it was hot, hot, hot. Now it's nice. Good for you.

  9. Happy mother's day to you too! Your hummingbird nest makes me so very jealous! I'm glad that your tests are doing well!

  10. Good luck on the all the tests. That has to be nerve-wracking. Love the Hummer nest. I hear a Hummer's nest is about as big as a walnut. That's pretty tiny!

  11. Happy Mother's day to you too.
    Arizona Sunset seems like it has a lot to say and also the sky looks like it wants to control the whole area. Nice shot!

  12. We sure are having nice cool temps but this wind is really getting on my last nerve. Love to the pups and I hope all your test are great


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