Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friends and Food

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 61

We’re continuing to go to doctor appointments with good results. The big test is the PET scan in a couple of weeks. Once we get those results we can start seriously thinking about getting out of here.

Have had a couple of really great breaks from the routine. And like all good things about RVing, these breaks include friends and food.

Got an e-mail from Larry and Gerry of Clark Rambling  wanting to know how far away we were. They were in El Mirage needing some work done on their rig before they start on their summer travels. Just so happened we had to be in Scottsdale for a test for the Cardiologist as well as an appointment with his internist.

I found a place called the Naked BBQ that is on Bell just off of I-17 and asked them if they could meet us for lunch. They said yes and off we went. Like Larry said – it just felt like we had known them forever. Larry even wore his Redskins shirt which just sealed the deal.

Gerry, Larry, Me and Jim


Sure hope we run into these guys again this summer. And the food was pretty good also.

Then I got a message from Paula - Shadowmoss  and she wanted to know if we could meet for dinner one night. She works nights so her schedule can be grueling. At least it would be for me. We made arrangements to meet at Joe’s Farm Grill and rounded up Paul to go with us. Had a great time and I’m hoping we can do dinner one more time before we hit the road. No picture – didn’t think about it because we were doing too much visiting.

Then today we met up with Jan and Bill for lunch at Red Robin. Jan had a doctor’s appointment in Chandler and that made it an easy meet up. I’m absolutely amazed at how well she is walking on her broken foot. She doesn’t limp near as bad as I thought she would . Still has several months of healing ahead of her but she is doing fantastic. So good to see these dear friends of ours. Once again, no picture.

Jim is doing some repairs around the rig. The vent cover in the bathroom disintegrated and needed to be replaced. Turned into an all day chore. While he was on the roof he found that the sewer caps needed to be replaced. Then our fantastic fan wall control decided to die. Jim found one on a close out at RV Traders so now that is working again.

Just odds and ends of things.


  1. I wish our doctor's appointments were as successful as our. We're thinking (translate I'm thinking) we should take a trip to our doctor in Vancouver.

    Nice visits. You sure know a lot of bloggers.

  2. Meeting friends on the road: priceless! Congrats to Jim on being proactive with his repairs.

  3. Glad he found the part. They are the best dealer around. Did you happen to see them working on ours?

  4. Why is it as we age, our lives seem to revolve around medical appointments? Glad to hear you're getting god numbers.

  5. Meeting old friends and new friends at places to eat seem to be what we enjoy most too. Hope you get out of Arizona before the heat gets you.

  6. I'm so behind with my blogging - but here I am. Sounds like you're staying busy with lunch and dinner dates! That's pretty cool.

  7. You two sure have become such social butterflys !! Must be getting really HOT in AJ about now huh.

  8. Sometimes it feels like all of life is made up of odds and ends of things. Glad the doctor visits are going well. Nice to have friends drop by to break up routines. Of course, Jim is fixing those things; fixing things is what he does when not fishing. :)

  9. Hi Sandie.....scrolled down to see what has been going on with you. Sounds like you have certainly enjoyed your time in AZ.
    PET cans can be pretty scary.....we just had to have one on my daughter and thankfully it turned out o.k. I hope all goes well with your's or Jim"s. Don't know who is having it....perhaps Jim as he had health issues a while ago.

    Stay well and keep travelin'


  10. The odds and ends never stop. Thank goodness you had a chance to meet up with so many friends to get a break from all that "fun"! ;c)

  11. Gerry and Larry seem like really nice people. Larry and I have emailed back and forth many times.

    I bet it was really nice to meet up with Jan and Bill. Nice people.

  12. Visiting, eating and rv repairs the exciting life of fulltime rver's, love it!

  13. Food and friends is a hard combo to beat.

  14. Those repairs sure sound tiring in the sunshine of the roof area! Hope it wasn't too bad. So glad that you got to meet up with friends and food! AND that the doctor's appts are going well.

  15. Hope all of your medical tests come back okay!!! Prayers for you two.

    The neat thing about RVing is that you meet so many wonderful friends along the way. That is SUPER...



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