Friday, April 3, 2015

Back On Line

Apache Junction, AZ   High 95  Low 64

Haven’t had any internet for what seems like forever. My withdrawal symptoms were getting pretty bad but I survived. (Barely)

So now it’s time to catch up.

Meet the Meandering Maddox’s – Jim and Judy.

Jim and Judy

Jim left a comment on my blog that said they were in Apache Junction and wanted to meet. We met for lunch at the Handlebar and I am so glad we did. What a wonderful couple. We really enjoyed visiting with them and we’re hoping they change their plans for going to Florida and come back to Arizona next winter so we can spend more time together.

We also had a storm roll through. I love clouds and these were spectacular.





Jim finished making our Convoy game board and it really turned out great. We took the board down to Marv and Donna’s and the women proceeded to tromp the guys. They are now looking for revenge.


Jim and Marv got some catching time.


We (Jim) got the carpet shampooed. It really needed it after all of Skittlez’s problems with diarrhea.

zzz skittlez1

Lots of folks are starting to head north already. Not us. We’re planning on leaving about the middle of May depending on all of Jim’s doctor appointments.


  1. Getting too hot for us. We're leaving in a few days. Sorry we didn't get together this year - seems like there's always something going on. Next year for sure. ;-)

  2. That looks like a challenging game. I'd never heard of it.

  3. Nice to finally see Jim with a fish. ;)

  4. We just left Wickenburg and are heading on to Cottonwood. I think Jim must be very happy with that fish.

  5. Your cloud photos are really spectacular! I sure hope Skittlez is feeling a lot better!

  6. You're right, those clouds are spectacular!, Good luck with Jim's appointments, and Happy Easter!!

  7. I love those cloud photos. Awesome.

    Good job Jim. The board looks great and so does the carpet.

  8. You're always meeting new people. What's with the back brace? Is Jim having a problem or keeping from developing one?

  9. Isn't it fun to meet new friends? We love meeting our Blog and Facebook friends... Blog friends are usually new to us. Facebook friends are those we have known in the past --but had lost touch with. It's so great to catch back up with them....

    I would be a basket case without my internet... I know you are glad yours is fixed.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  10. I'm in Kansas where its in the 40s tonight.... Enjoy your warm weather... lol

  11. Looks like the Sequence board game. Agree with Judy that it was good to see Jim with a fish.

  12. I can't believe the change in weather from AJ to Tucson. It was only in the 80's and very few clouds. Hope Skittlez is feeling much better

  13. Always fun to meet fellow rv'ers.
    Love the clouds too.

  14. Nice to have you back. Even though you've been gone, you've been busy.

  15. Wow, I don't recall ever seeing Jim with an actual fish he caught. I guess all that time he spends drowning worms can pay off once in a while... :cD

  16. You are probably in for some hot times before you leave in May! It sunny in Northern Utah & Colorado, but windy and chilly. I can't believe how much of a California wimp I've become!


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