Friday, November 14, 2014

A Summer Summary

We had one of the best summer’s ever. It started with our journey north and our visits with friends, Steve and Peter, in Las Vegas; Sharon and George in Hawthorne, NV; and Dianne and Tom and Jeff and Tina in Wyoming.

We then got to spend the week-end in Bozeman with David, Kelly and Katie Bug and watch Katie compete in her track events.

From there we headed to Helena and got set up for a couple of months. Jim had good luck fishing for walleye which makes him a very happy man. We had lots of fun with my sister and her hubby going out to dinner, garage sales, and just visiting. While there we also got to see Tara Jo and Emmett.

After leaving Helena we ended up in Todd and Michaela’s drive way. Major hail damage needed to be repaired on the house. A little over a week later the work was done and we were ready to head East to Virginia.

Met up with Nan and John in South Dakota. Jan and Bill in Indiana. John and Peg in Illinois. It really is so much fun to meet up with good friends all across this country.

We spent a week in Fredericksburg with Jimmy and his family. We finally got to meet Jenetta and Angel. Also got to spend some time with Madison and Juliet and their Mom, Jessica. Our friend, Linda, came down from Maryland and rented a cabin at the campground for a couple of days. Visited lots of Civil War battlefields and stood on sacred ground. Also got to have dinner with Jim’s sister, Nancy, her hubby, Jack, and Jim’s niece, Patti.

Moved on down to Mechanicsville into our friends’ driveway. It had been years since we last visited with Tom and Patsy and we won’t let that happen again. We ended up staying almost two weeks and had a fantastic time.

Headed west to Appomattox to experience the surrender of Lee to Grant and the end of the Civil War.

On to Roanoke and good times visiting with Jim’s family.  His sister, Janet; his Aunt Ruby; his cousin, Sandra and her hubby. Nancy and Patti were able to come down to join us for dinner to complete the family reunion.

Time to head West and a stop in Atlanta. There was someone I really wanted to meet. Nancy and Master Jack Nimble. After following Nancy’s blog and feeling a strong connection with her, we landed in her driveway and thanks to her daughter, Susan, had a fantastic dinner and a wonderful visit.

Most of our days west were to pull into a campground, not unhitch, and leave in the morning. We did spend two days in Albuquerque so we could visit with Steve and Jen.

Then down the mountainside into Apache Junction.

I am so happy to be back in the desert. I did not like the feeling of being so closed in with all the trees in the East. They are all you can see. I like being able to see for miles and miles in all directions. I hated the humidity – everything always felt wet. Thank goodness the friends and family more than made up for that.

Now that we are settled back in our spot in AJ (Petticoat Junction), I probably won’t have a lot of blog posts. At least until something fun or exciting happens in our lives.

I forgot to add that we covered 11,686 miles this summer. And Jim drove all but maybe 100 of them. He is such a great guy.


  1. Bet you are just exhausted writing all that.

  2. Just because you won't be as busy as you were this past summer doesn't mean you can't tell us how good it feels to enjoy doing nothing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Fun and exciting always seems to happen with you guys!!! :)

  4. Looks like a great time. Now a few months to recharge your batteries.

  5. You surely had a wonderful trip and got to see this wonderful country. In prefer the trees, hills and mountains in the east, but the entire United States is beautiful in its own way, and the only way to see and appreciate it is to drive it. Rvers have it best in that respect.

  6. Too bad you guys weren't able to cover any ground this summer. I did enjoy being along for the ride.

  7. You did have a wonderful summer, that we enjoyed with you. We can't wait to get to the southwest ourselves another week or so and we can enjoy the open spaces and dry air.

  8. You've definitely had a busy summer. Now it's time to enjoy the desert and rest for a while.

  9. We have been along for the long wonderful ride. You sure did make a ton of memories this summer. And the sights and history lessons you taught us all were amazing. See you in January.

  10. Wow! That's a lot of reconnecting with friends and family. Good to do but also good to be home.

    I like the trees but not the humidity of being east of the Mississippi River. Guess it's because I lived my first 15 years in Illinois so I miss trees when out west. But, I sure don't miss raking leaves!

  11. Since I'm spending my first winter in the desert, I have just the opposite adjustment to make. :)

  12. But you missed us! Now come back here and visit... :cD

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  14. Holy Crap ! That's a lotta miles you covered !!

  15. Such a busy summer, and so many people to visit. You guys are great. Now you can relax and take it easy for a while, before coming to Quartzsite in January. :)

  16. What a fun time! How long will you be in AZ? We'll be there for the month of April.


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