Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bungalow Modifications–Part 2

Apache Junction, AZ  High 82  Low 56

I’m really documenting all of these modifications so that I can look back at what we did when I can’t remember any of them.

I know a lot of people who really like the bench dinette but I’m not one of them. I was hoping that we could take the dinette set out but that isn’t going to happen without a whole lot of work. Our heater and duct work are under the bench seats. You can see some of it in the next picture. So maybe someday.


So back to the drawing board. Something had to be done to open up that area somehow. So this is the idea I came up with and Jim did it for me. We still have a table but more open space.


The Bungalow came with a new Interstate 12V battery. We will be buying two 6V golf cart batteries and Jim can use the 12V on the boat. To accommodate the new batteries we had to get a new battery box and Jim also installed a battery cut off switch. We also have a battery tender that will get installed when we move the rig over by us.



Our Canadian neighbors will be heading north in a couple of weeks and they have given us permission to park the Bungalow on their lot after they leave. We can run an extension cord over to our electric and it will be easier for Jim to do some of the other projects.

The screen door handle was loose and the door didn’t shut properly.  Jim had to adjust the hook on the door that holds the two doors together. He also put up a screen door bar which is one of those things that I now consider a necessity.


The level had been placed between the tires on the outside of the rig so Jim moved it up towards the front where it now works properly. We also bought a nice big level for the front that can easily be seen from the truck.

Dawn, I have to agree with you about the sink. It is really small and in our rig, very awkward to get to. I had thought about replacing it with a single sink but I haven’t been able to find one that would be the right size. The closest one in size, would make me lose some of my very valuable counter space. For now, we are going to work with what we have.


One of the hardest things for me to find was someplace to put the girls’ treats. Whenever they go out and do their job, they get to have a treat. Well, they get to have treats at other times like when Jim and I come in the house. When we were in Casa Grande, Jan and I looked at everything we could think of that might work and I didn’t find anything that I liked. However, Amazon to the rescue. I found this basket and key holder. Supposed to be for holding mail but it’s just perfect to put treats in and have a place to hang keys.


Meanwhile – back at the fifth wheel. Jim needed to put a new seal in our toilet. So not fun.


The fifth wheel hitch also needed to come out of the back of the pick up. We have the super duper Glide Rite heavy duty hitch for short bed trucks. It weighs over 300 lbs and Jim needed help. Got the job done and it is now in our shed.

Marv and Al

hitch move3

Ken rounded up the dolly to help with the move.

hitch move1hitch move2


  1. I'm not sure what you did with the dinette. Did you saw the table in half?

  2. Love the basket/key holder. I've already put it in my Amazon shopping cart!

  3. You really are getting a lot of work done. I'm thinking Jim is loving all those projects. It keeps him busy with something "fun" to do. However, I would think he would start complaining without a few more fishing days before you hit the road.

  4. Slow down Jim. He works too hard.

  5. Is there anything Jim CAN'T do !!???

    I also do not like the bench dinette in my rig - much prefer the table/chairs - but will have to live with it.

    I have a very similar basket/key holder that I have mounted right by the front door. Holds Bennie's leashes etc. Very handy. Think I got mine at Walmart.

  6. We aren't fans of dinette either. Very nice modification!

    How nice of your neighbor to let you use their lot. Great neighbor.

    Well aren't you the clever one. Great new basket with dual purpose.

  7. I can see this is a team operation, you make the plans and Jim executes them. Actually I'm glad you shared your ideas and I for one share your dislike of dinettes, mine is long gone, replaced by an office chair and computer desk.

  8. Hi Sandie! Gosh, you've been busy! I love the basket--Ari wants her treat when she comes inside too! The dinette table looks so much more functional. I had to go out & check my sink again--fortunately they didn't angle it & it's deeper than I thought. Not ideal but workable. Why did they angle your sink. I wish I could remember which blog it was but they put in a new sink & had to cut the countertop a bit. You're so wise to put all the mods online. After reading about the blogger (You'll know who I mean) who lost their rig in the storage fire, I've started documenting everything we spend & keeping receipts. Have a good week!

  9. Getting caught up, Sandie … oh, look at Aunt Happy! and Kalispell. Jeeez how I liked that little town. great memories there for sure. that whole area!

    y'look pretty in pink m'dear ;) and YAY … for Jim's biopsies! outstanding! … gorgeous sunsets and your Bungalow looks like work to me but then you have Jim .. ;)

  10. I love the handle on the screen door. That has been the best thing we have ever gotten from Camping World. I know it has saved the screen.

  11. nice job on the modifications! need to ask though..what does the bar on the screen door do?

  12. Getting things all done and ready to travel, ourselves we prefer the dinette, but then each to their own.
    And the screen door bar is a must for us too.

  13. I had been wondering about the holder for the treats. I'm sure the girls are happy to know where they are stored.

  14. Jim sounds like my husband. I don't think there's anything that my husband can't do either! LOL. You'll be all set now!

  15. Love the new table.....
    And the treat basket!

    You have been very busy. It all looks great Sandie!

  16. How much do you pay Jim per hour for all that work he does? I want to hire him! ;c)

  17. You've been busy! But everything really looks nice!

  18. Soon the bungalow will feel so much like yours you won't remember when you didn't have it. :)

  19. The bungalow is lookin’ great! So nice to have a man as handy as Jim. :) I’m looking for the basket!!!

  20. You guys are getting so much done! I like your kitchen sink - but I'd get a different faucet so it could swing over to the other sink, too. Lookin' good! :)

  21. Great job on ALL the modifications!! I've been reading and catching up on my blogs...been helping our son move. I do like what you all have done...isn't it nice to get things they way you want them!!!! Great job with that dinette!!

  22. You will have to let us know in September how the bungalow goes.


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