Sunday, April 1, 2012


IMG_4389 On Wednesday we had our Escapees Chapter picnic so we got a chance to say see ya to everyone before most of us start heading north to get away from the heat.

Had some great food and even better the women beat the men at beanbag baseball. Way to go girls. Jan hit a homer and so did John. Pretty impressive guys.


Notice how everybody is trying to sit in the shade. It was in the upper 80’s and got plenty warm.

IMG_4286 After the picnic we had an appointment to take Scootz (the black one) to the vet. She has an ear infection and we ran out of medication. Going to the vet is much more expensive here in AZ than it is in Billings, MT. I got an estimate from them to have Scootz teeth cleaned and they want $440 (which includes blood work). I called our vet in Billings and they want $188 (which also includes blood work). Think we’ll wait. The doc also found that Scootz has a heart murmur which he said is because she is getting older. Nothing to worry about yet but eventually could cause her some problems.

Dropped Scooter off and calmed Skittlez down. We left her home alone and she was an excited puppy when we got back. Picked up Karen and John and headed over to Superstition Skies. John and Karen were with us at the Rally and came over to stay at our park for the picnic. They were headed out on Thursday morning.

paul and marsha1 The snowbirds are definitely leaving in droves. Skies has been so swamped the last couple of months that lots of people couldn’t find a place to sit. Not this time. Lots of empty tables and a sign of times to come for the summer.

paul and marsha

Jim, Sandie, Karen, John, Paul and Marsha.

We also met up with Paul and Marsha. What is so wonderful to me is the fact that even though we had not seen them for over two years, it was like being reunited with family again. Thanks to blogs, we have kept up with each other and stayed in touch. They are in the area for a couple of weeks and will actually be moving to our park on Monday so they can explore this area and do some hiking.

paul and marsha2 My pictures all turned out lousy, so I’m using Marsha’s. Thanks a bunch.

The second to the last song played is always Pretty Woman and all the women get out on the dance floor. The final song is Happy Trails. Sure will miss Brant & Kerry until next fall. But we did get one of their CD’s to play while we’re up north.

And just think – that all happened on Wednesday.


  1. a nice ending to a great snowbird season!..onwards to the spring and summer fun!

  2. We notice all the droves of RVs heading north on the roads too. Many plates indicate they're going to Canada. We've been at Skies with you both when it was so packed there wasn't room to sit and when there were lots of empty seats. The timing certainly makes the difference.

  3. Sure wish I was on one of those stools, eatin chicken peg legs...... I heard it was over 90 one day, but its been just as hot here in Kansas......

  4. Busy day, indeed. But, a fun one. Good to have a chance to say, "Hello again." and "See ya."

  5. Yeah, we can relate. Parker hasn't been very well either but..... he is old. And it just may be the heat.

  6. Hi dear lady....I'm so sorry i haven't stopped by in a while. I'm still in the process of adding blogs to my blog list since deleting the entire thing. Looks like you had a great visit while you were in my neck of the woods. We'll be heading to Montana too this summer....but don't plan on being their long. This year I think it is going to be the Great Lakes region for us.
    Stay well dear friend.



  7. Perhaps you've said, but I don't recall; when are you all heading north?

  8. We had a great time. We expect more this next week.
    The reunion looks like it had a great turn out! See you on Monday. ~wheresweaver

  9. What? Does that vet use gold plated instruments to treat animals? Those prices are outrageous!!!

  10. Hi Sandie and Jim,

    With two Labs, it got very expensive taking them to the vet whenever they had an ear infection. No matter how I tried to dry them, it was an exercise in futility. Then I heard that Zymox (which my vet always prescribed) is on Amazon. Boy have I saved a lot of money.

    I put a preventative drop or two in their (now his) ears once a week and haven't ever had to take them/him to the vet once for an ear infection. (just clean their ears first). Doxies, like Labs, have the same type of ear which creates a no air/moist environment under the right conditions.

    It's gone up in price since the first time I bought it a number of years ago--I bought the big bottle, but it's still cheaper than a vet visit and buying it through the vet.

    You may want to compare prices. I even by Jack's Rutin on Amazon instead of a health food store and I save a good 10-12 dollars each purchase.

    Just heard on the radio about a motorhome going north from Texas to Minnesota crashed killing 5 people I didn't hear any details. Terrible. Hope everyone stays safe.

  11. Looks like a great picnic and then great "party time" with friends. Must be nice to have things a bit less crowded. Hope Scooter 's ear infection clears up okay. I agree - that dental price was way too much.

  12. Agree on the vet bills down here, for the shots it was double what it is back in Peculiar or probably Billings so we are waiting until the fall. Speaking of Billings we will be there in May not June.

  13. Yup, the snowbirds are definitely leaving the area. We were amazed to note, however, that there are still 190 leaseholders here in our park! That's about 2/3 of the leaseholders, and we are wondering why. Maybe the gas prices are holding some people back a little longer. If you're a leaseholder here, your site is always available to you at no nightly, weekly or monthly charge, so it sure saves money! But it also can slow down your traveling.

  14. Pretty outrageous estimate on that Vet bill - I'd have waited until we got home too.

    Looked like a fun night at the Skies.

  15. That was one busy Wednesday for sure. Looked like a fun ending to this years snowbirding. Hope Scooters ear infection clears up soon. Have a great week!

  16. OH, you need the blue ear cleaner recipie! It's great stuff. Clears ear infections & you can use it for maintenance on ears too. Just be careful when mixing it because venetian oil stains. Won't stain the dogs though, just surfaces. Check this link out. In fact, I need to make some too. I got witch hazel to make mine.


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