Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Aunt Happy that is. We spent Easter with Happy and she had us rolling on the floor with laughter.

She told us the story of when she was about 17 and her Dad, who printed the newspaper in a small Montana town, decided to take her Mom to Chicago for a long week-end. He left Happy in charge of the Administrative part of the newspaper office.

All was going along nicely until Ole Olsen came in to pay his bill. (This is not an Ole joke. She grew up in an area that was settled by Danes and Norwegians and that is truly what his name was.) Happy went over to look for his invoice and that’s when the problems started.

IMG_4433 There were at least 10 Ole Olsen invoices in the drawer. So she asked Ole what his address was. Now remember this was 80 years ago. He told her he lived on the corner across the street from the Jacobson’s. So she went to check the drawer for the Jacobson invoice only to find there were 26 of them. Definitely going downhill rapidly.

Ole had no idea which Jacobson. He always called him Jacobson. Ole tried to help Happy out by telling her that the corner he lived on was about three blocks up and maybe four blocks over. Still no good.

She finally told him that he would have to wait for her Dad to get back but Ole was determined to pay his bill. Out to his truck he goes.

When he comes back in he has two live squawking chickens in his hand. Happy is not happy with live chickens and Ole insists she take them in payment of his bill. He tells her that her Dad will know which Ole paid because he told her Dad he was going to bring in the chickens. Dad just happened to forget to mention this to his daughter.

When she described her reaction to the chickens I didn’t think any of us were ever going to recover from laughing so hard. I wish you could have been there to hear the story directly from her. She is a much better story teller than I am.

Happy finally convinces Ole to take his chickens home and bring them back next week when her Dad would be there to record the payment. 

What a great Easter Sunday.


  1. Oh yes, the good old days. Wonder if the gas stations would take chickens for fuel today?

    Have to try something to ease the pain at the pump... ;c)

  2. Well, thankfully we only had one "Ole" at the Bronte Harbour Yacht Club. (His boat is called, "Great Dane", hello)
    It never occurred to me that it was such a common name, but I suppose it would be.
    Aunt Happy sounds like a corker.
    Nice to see she's doing well. Great story.

  3. Like the episode on Little House on the Prairie where everyone pays the doctor with apples! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Memories! How great it is to still be able to relive the memories!! Hopefully, we'll still be able to remember when we're Aunt Happy;s age.

  5. That lady just cracks me up too. Did she say if he came back with the chickens? Did her dad know which Ole it was. I am with Jeri...tons of memories were made on your Easter day!

  6. Enjoyed you Aunt's story, you told it great.

  7. How funny. I had an Uncle Lovie. I will do a post on him, sometime.

  8. Whoa, I lived 25 years in Ole's country. Besides of Oles there also lots of odds and Olavs. But it's approx, the same on this side of the world when I think of all the Bobs, Jims and Johns. (not THAT kinda John)
    Funny story for sure!

  9. your Aunt Happy sounds like a real 'hoot'!!

  10. I still like the story about her going to the Doctor at the New Banner Hosp, and telling them she needed to be seen right now!! The Doctor said yes ma'am and took her right in... You never did say how big that donation was, but something about naming a wing after her.....

  11. Thanks for sharing. You told the story perfectly.


  12. Thanks for sharing a great story - reminds me of some of my Grandmother's tales as she lived to the great old age of 102. She had a bunch of them.

  13. I love that story. My mom's family is very Norwegian and my great grandfather actually changed his name from Harris Olsen to Ole Harris because he was so tired of not getting the right mail because of all the Olsen's around him. They are a stubborn lot. Tell Happy she gave me a big chuckle today too!

  14. Great story. My grandparents were Swedish and settled in Hall Montana where my Mother was born. Found your blog via Tea at Prim Rose. We are RVers and love being on the road.

  15. Sure would like to meet Aunt Happy one day.

  16. What a great story to share!! It had me laughing too!!
    I love those old stories. I miss the ones my dad used to tell me.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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