Friday, July 3, 2009


Sometimes you find a campground that you love and can hardly wait to go back to and other times you find one that you hate and will never go back. Kim's Marina fits in that second category for us. The campground looks really great. But - when we got there the spot they put us in was down an embankment in a hole so it was really difficult to get the truck and fiver lined up to unhook. Jim's really good and he got the job done. Then when he hooked up to the power using the surge protector, the power shorted out on us. Finally got the power going so we'd have air for the puppies during the day. However, we are so grateful for our surge protector because we know of at least two other times when the power amperage dropped so low, the surge had to cut off the power to the fiver.

No cell, internet or tv service. $30 a night, and on top of that they charged Jim a $5 a day boat launch fee. Very expensive and very noisy. Mostly week-enders with lots of kids. When we got ready to hitch up Jim was emptying the tanks. Got the black tank dumped (thank goodness) but when the grey tank started to empty the septic tank connection backed all the way up and we couldn't finish dumping the tank. What a mess. Then we had to get out of the hole. We certainly will not stay here again and were so glad to be on our way home.

The garage sale went well but we were all exhausted. Got rid of lots of junk and made $300 which covered our camping fee and gas to get there.

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